Study in Korea | Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) 2022-2023 Online Applications Open|

Interested applicants willing to Study in Korea are hereby invited for the 2022/2023 fully funded Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) for international students and researchers who are interested in studying in Korea.
The scholarship is aim at providing beneficial environment for undergraduates and Ph.D program at any Korean university of their choice.

The Global Korea scholarship Program through the Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) is aim at fostering mutual friendship between Korea and the benefiting countries.

Benefits of the Korean Government Scholarship 2022: 

• A maximum of KRW 5,000,000 per semester will be provided by the KGSP Board as tuition fee.

• For every three month, KRW 800,000 will be given for paying expenses related to the language course that every recipient has to take.

• All air travel expenses of the scholarship grantee will be cover entirely by the KGSP

• A total sum of KRW 200,000 will be giving to each grantee as a settlement allowance.

• Also, KRW KRW 900,000-1,000,000 per month will be given to cover all living expenses.

• A medical insurance of KRW 20,000 monthly will be giving out.

• Applicants with sufficient proof of language proficiency will be awarded with the sum of 100,000

• Between 210,000 to KRW 240,000 (per semester) will be given as a grant for supporting the research expenses. (For students enrolled in a research-based program or as the case may be).

• In addition, for printing of dissertation/thesis, a grant of 500,000 KRW – 800,000 KRW will be provided by the KGSP Board. (For students enrolled in a research-based program or as the case may be).

• Grantees who successfully complete the scholarship degree will be given the sum of KRW 100, 000

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Eligibility And Qualifications Criteria of KGSP 2022:

The Korean Government Scholarship Program has some important prerequisite attached to it, it is important to check out this vital requirements before proceeding with the application process, below are detailed information aspiring applicants should be mindful of:

•The applicant and his/her parents should be born in a country other than Korea.

• The applicant must not have Korean citizenship.

• Applicants must be healthy both physically and mentally to ensure their healthy stay in Korea for the entirety of their degree program.

• Undergraduate students/applicants must be below 25 years of age.

• Graduate students must be below 40 years of age at the time of entrance.

• The undergraduate applicant must have successfully completed all of his/her education for the elementary, middle, and high school levels before arriving in Korea.

• The graduate student must have completed his/her master’s or bachelor’s before arriving.

• The applicant should have a CGPA of more than 80%. This CGPA or percentage will be from his/her last educational institution.

• The applicant must not have attended any Korean educational institution before applying and should not have attained a degree from there. (This means any bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D. degree. High school education is not included).

• Applicants who have a 90% result and who presently or formerly held a KGSP grant can apply again. They can apply directly through the university or they can opt for the university track.

How to apply for the Korean KGSP Scholarships 2022?

The step by step procedure to apply for the Korean Government Scholarship Program is pretty easy; applicants can apply either through the embassy track or university track. The option to apply via university track does not include undergraduate applicants.

How to Apply for the Korean Government Scholarship Program KGSP Via University track?

The process to apply for the South Korean KGSP scholarship through university track is to first of all, find a Korean University first that offers this scholarship, after this, all you need to do is to follow the instructions or steps by step guide by the university to submit an application for the KGSP admission.

How to Apply for the Korean Government Scholarship Program KGSP Via Embassy track?

The application process via embassy track is almost the same with the university procedure:

NIIED, The Korean institute for international educational development calls the Korean Embassy in various participating countries to recommend potential candidates. Next, the students from the participating countries are called upon to apply through the embassy by submitting relevant documents as specified by the local embassy (Please contact the local embassy in your country to find out more information regarding the required documents, or check their website)

Study in Korea | Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) 2022-2023 Online Applications Open|

Applicants who pass the embassy and university qualifications stage will be forwarded to NIIED, this is solely for the verification of documents and confirmation that the applicant is indeed qualified. The outcome of NIIED’s evaluation will be communicates with the embassy or university of the applicant through which the final decision will know his/her status, accepted or rejected.

The scholarship committee itself doesn’t notify the students directly.

What are the Required Documents for Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) application?

The following document should be submitted to either the embassy or University (depending on which suitable track chosen by the applicants) for evaluation and assessment:

• Highest degree attained

• Transcripts of the highest degree

• Recommendation letters from the employers or the professors

• Personal statement or statement of purpose (mandatory for only masters and Ph.D. degree applicants)

• A study plan needs to be submitted by MS students

• Research proposal for Ph.D. degree applicants

• Motivational letter (for applicants of the bachelor’s program)

What is the application Deadline to apply for KGSP 2022 Scholarships?

The last date to apply for the KGSP Scholarships is February 28, 2022. However, every Korean university and embassy has its own deadline. The applicants are advised to get in touch with the Korean embassy in their home countries to know about the deadline for applying for KGSP.

Time line:

For Undergraduate:
Announcement released Sept. in the year prior to planned studies in Korea

For Graduate:
February in the year of planned studies in Korea.

Time Frame To Recommend candidates:

For undergraduates:
October-November in the year prior to planned studies in Korea.

For Graduates: March-April in the year of planned studies in Korea.

Results will be released January in the year of planned studies in Korea for undergraduates.

June in the year of planned studies in Korea for Graduates.

Arrival in Korea:
Late February in the year of planned studies in Korea for undergraduates

For Graduates, late August in the year of planned studies.

For detail information regarding the Korean Government Scholarship Program, please refer to the official website.

Scholarship Information
Guide book for international students in Korea
Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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