University Of Warsaw: Ranking & Requirements

University of Warsaw
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University of Warsaw

The University of Warsaw (UW)  is formerly known as Jozef Pilsudski university of Warsaw (1935-1945), located in Warsaw Poland. This higher institution was established in November 19th, 1861, it is the second established university in Poland, being the best and largest university in Poland. This public university has about twenty faculties and thirty-seven d fields of study together with about one-hundred specializations in humanities, Natural, physical, computer and social sciences.

The school main campus is in Warsaw city, having several recreational centers which had been nationalized in the 19th century. Main buildings in the school are Uruski palace, The old library The school auditorium, lecture halls.

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Academic ranking of World University ranked UW as the best university in Poland, then among the first hundred university in Europe and also ranked among the 301-400 universities globally. While QS on the other hand ranked this university 321st position as at 2021 globally. Also, The world university put UW among 601-800 best university around the world.

Rate of Graduate employment

University of Warsaw don’t offer direct employment for undergraduates but in most cases they conference and cooperate events that will aid students find job at the end of studying program. So, ever since the varsity has retained about 3,700 scholars. One-fifth of them have obtained their professorship. However, QS which base their ranking on numbers of employed graduate in labour market has ranked UW as 321st position in the world.


Projects and topics researched are over 1,400 in the field of Natural science, Humanities and Social sciences in addition to other interdisciplinary studies like the Technical or Medical services. Participation in a topic or research project is also open for students who have given the opportunity to teach.

Admission requirements

For Undergraduates

An aspirant into university of Warsaw must undergo and provide the necessary requirements including;

  • Application should be online
  • Provision of High school diploma
  • Transcript of grades must be added
  • Admission letter from the University stating eligibility to study Bachelor
  • English language proficiency
  • B2 level or it’s equivalents
  • Valid national identity


Post-graduate (Master Degree) must provide the following;

  • Application must be online
  • Bachelor certificate
  • Transcript of grades must be presented
  • Admission letter from the University stating the eligibility to study masters degree
  • English proficiency
  • B2 level or it’s equivalents
  • Valid national identity

Application for PhDs

PhDs applicants must be fluent in English language and also have adequate knowledge on how to present research and data with the use of computer Applicant must have also completed his/her master degree in physics, chemistry or material science. Should be ready to travel for a few short researchers and stay abroad during the time of the project, willingness to conduct daily obligations at CNBC. Adequate knowledge in the usage of 2D materials for physical chemistry using AFM or other related instruments.

Note: Admission seekers must submit their original documents must be submitted directly to the institute or respective faculties.


Academic grades may differ from faculties but the minimum average score required is 2GPA; 24 IB;  55%. Average entrance score is 5.5 IELTS,  19 ACT.

English language preference

Although most of the University courses are taught in Polish language so for international student will be studying courses been taught in Polish must have to polish language skills. While some faculties offer courses that are taught in other languages (mostly English language) hence,  students undergoing this kind of course must make provision for English language skills (lowest level B2) by submitting certificates that are in foreign language or partaking in language exam checker.

Note: TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language)  iBT®, IELTS (International English Language Testing System) indicator certificates, CPE (Certificate for Proficiency in English) academic and ALTE (Association of Language Test Europe) academic are accepted as evidence of English language knowledge during admission process for studies.

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Tuition fee in the University of Warsaw

Payment can be made with the national currency or foreign currency (EUR or USD) though with specific bank details.

For bachelor program (foreigners) tuition fee is 4,037 USD/year.

Bachelor program (citizens) tuition fee is 3071 USD/year.

Master degree for foreigners – 4037 USD per year

And tuition fee for Citizen undergoing master degree is 3071 USD per year.

UW accept application fee by using foreign currency either USD or EUR using foreign account numbers. Application fee usually 30% is based on average exchange rate published by NBP (National Bank of Poland). You can visit school and website for more details.

Cost of living may range from 404-762 USD per months.


  • Student services : scholars in each department are given the opportunity to in projects sponsored by international or national programmes like the European Cooperation in the field Of Scientific and Technical research (COST), European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO), European science foundation (ESA), European Economic area and Norway Grant.
  • ICT services: buildings in the university of Warsaw have about forty Internet hot-spots with highest number of access point enabling eligible students to have endless connections to the Internet.
  • Medical services: students must pay for health insurance regardless of whether he/she will plan to stay for so long or short period and also the staff in UW pay compulsory health insurance and social security contribution.
  • Housing services: There is provision for housing at UW but they are limited so the available rooms are meant for those that register earlier. Payment may vary depending on how students want it. The University of Warsaw set up a welcome center for those visiting the school and an information point where everyone, most importantly, students can seek help and information throughout their stay at the University.

Application Deadline

Interested candidates at the University of Warsaw are advised to apply as early as possible. The application process will be faster the processing and vice versa hence, the candidate will have the privilege to apply for other necessary things like housing, scholarships, etc. Aspirant can submit their application and send their documenquiriesore the deadline. Though, deadline varies by course of study, kindly visit the school website for more inquiries (

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