University Of Tartu: Ranking, Tuition & Application

University of Tartu
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University of Tartu

Would you like to study abroad a special kind? Then you can study abroad with a difference in Estonia. The University of Tartu in Estonia is a top-ranked university in Estonia. The university has existed since the year 1632. There are some programs taught in English for international students. Estonia as a country in Europe is not so popular but you are about to learn some new things about Estonia, and about universities in Estonia like the University of Tartu, here.

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Brief History of The University of Tartu

Created in 1632 by the King of Sweden Gustav II Adolphe and although having passed into the hands of the various political powers of a region regrouping Sweden, Poland, Germany, and Russia, the University of Tartu has always remained a model of progressive ideas.

The University of Tartu (UT) is the oldest, biggest, and top-ranked university in Estonia. Plus, it is an affordable university for international students.


Estonia is a small but fine country to study in. Though there are very small universities in Estonia, the country has all it takes to offer quality education. In Estonia, quality is all that matters not quantity. You can find distinguished universities and numerous courses in English


The education system and universities in Estonia

The small country in northeastern Europe with its 1.4 million inhabitants has six public and one private university. In the course of the Bologna reform, the Estonian higher education system became part of the European Higher Education Area and is similar to the German bachelor and master system.


The bachelor’s degree usually takes three to years, the master two years.


Student Year in Estonia Universities

The student year is divided into two semesters: the winter semester starts in September and ends in January, the summer semester runs from February to June. Please note that the courses always start in the winter semester.


Requirements for studying in Estonia


The prerequisites for being admitted to study in Estonia are usually not a very big hurdle. On the one hand, many international degrees are recognized, on the other hand, good English skills are sufficient as proof of language skills. Since there is an above-average number of courses in English in Estonia, a TOEFL test is usually sufficient. Most of the English-language courses can be found in the Masters.


What should be noted when studying in Estonia, however, that different requirements and deadlines apply to the different universities and the different courses. It is therefore important to choose the university and course of your choice about a year in advance and to find out about the admission requirements.


Usually, you have to register online and submit various documents, sometimes you have to do an aptitude test. Often you can avoid the NC at German universities. The application deadlines for the winter semester vary between April and June. You can find more information here.

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How much does it cost to live and study in Estonia?

Cost of Living in Estonia

Compared to Germany, the cost of living in Estonia is slightly lower. You can still live cheaply here. A room in a student dormitory costs between € 80 and € 190.


However, you should know that in Estonia it is common practice to share a room with one or more flatmates. If you want a little more privacy, you can also rent your apartment for € 200-500.


Funding and scholarship programs in Estonia


The tuition fees sound very high at first, but don’t worry, there are some ways of financing your studies in Estonia.


Here is something – very nice – you would love about studying in Estonia. Even Estonia itself offers scholarships for foreign students. The application phase always takes place from April 1st to May 1st and, in addition to a letter of motivation, you must also present a letter of recommendation from your home university as well as the host university. The grant is € 350 per month.

What Student Card Offers You in Estonia Universities

A special feature here: the Estonian student card is also valid as temporary citizenship in Estonia. That is why foreign students can work with almost no problems. But: even if many here can speak English; Knowledge of Estonian is a great advantage when looking for a job.



The University of Tartu or Tartu Ülikool (UT) – public higher education institution in Estonia. UT began its activity in 1632. The university has an urban campus in Tartu. Half of the research performed in the country is done at UT.

UT has 301st place in the QS World University Ranking, which makes it the best one in Estonia. It has buildings throughout the city of Tartu, which include botanical gardens, museums, and several sports facilities.


This affordable university in Estonia is divided into three big faculties:

– Medicine,

-Science and technology,

-Arts and humanities, and

These faculties have different schools and institutes.


English-taught programs include three bachelor degree programs, 24 master degree programs, and 35 doctoral degree programs.


The University of Tartu is proud of its impeccable reputation and frequently takes the top spots in renowned international rankings. The University of Tartu is one of the oldest and most renowned universities in Estonia. The University of Tartu is in the top 5% according to the international rankings. According to the international rankings, the strongest program of the university is Arts and Humanities.


#285 in Global World University Rankings(2021)

City Rank: #1

Country rank: #1


The University of Tartu Tuition Fee For International Students

For undergraduate Studies: $3,750

For graduate studies: $3,750

Admission Requirements For Undergraduate Studies at The University of Tartu

If you have completed upper secondary studies, and you have a valid school leaving certificate, and qualify for higher education studies in your home country, you may also qualify to be admitted into the University of Tartus. However, you are requested to prove your level of English. In some cases, you must also satisfy course-specific requirements. For example, if you are applying for mathematical studies, you must have studied mathematics.

How to apply for admission into University of Tartu

University of Tartu accepts online application. All you need to do is gather your school certificates and other related documents, go to the university’s website and submit your application online. Yes it’s that easy!

List of other universities in Estonia

  1. Audentes University
  2. Audentes University, Tartu Branch
  3. Concordia International University Estonia
  4. Estonian Academy of Arts
  5. Estonian Academy of Music
  6. Estonian Agricultural University
  7. Estonian Business School
  8. Estonian Public Service Academy
  9. International University Estonia
  10. Tallinn Institute of Technology
  11. Tallinn Technical University
  12. Tallinn University
  13. Tartu Medical School
  14. University Nord
  15. University of Tartu

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