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If you really want to study in a country where tuition fees are affordable and where you can get high quality education, make up your mind to study  in University of Tartu, Estonia. Estonian universities are ranked among the best in the world and their certificate is recognized in many countries of the world. What this means is that after your studies, you can move to any country and be sure to work there with your certificate. In today’s article I shall be featuring one of the best university’s in Estonia –University of Tartu.

University of Tartu is situated in the beautiful city of Tartu in Estonia. It’s the National University of Estonia and a very classical university in that country. It is also considered to be the biggest university in Estonia.

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Top Reasons Why You Should Choose University Of Tartu

The University of Tartu is known for its high reputation of quality studies and research. Many students choose this university because of the following reasons:

Top of the world’s best universities

Yes University Of Tartu is among the top 1.2% of the top universities in the world according to the World University Rankings 2017-18, QS World University Rankings 2017-18. It is also the highest ranked university in the Baltic.

Best Research university in Estonia

University of Tartu is the best research university in Estonia, it has been invited to join the COIMBRA group which is the prestigious club of renowned research universities, and it also belongs to the Utrecht Network.

Biggest university in Tartu

University of Tartu is the biggest university in Estonia with over 13,700 students, 4 faculties. It has colleges in cities like Pärnu, Narva and Viljandi and a representation & a section of the School of Law in Tallinn.

International university

As a student its important that consider the internationalization of the university you are applying to. University of Tartu is an international university with partner universities all over the world and cooperates with many world class universities in like: the University of Helsinki, Moscow State University, Tsinghua University, University of Melbourne, Uppsala University, Lund University,  Hokkaido University etc. The university’s scientists conduct research with global companies like Samsung, Philips, Mercedes-Benz and ImmonoQure. What this means is that as a student you have the opportunity to move to other universities through student exchange networks.

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University of Tartu program QS rankings

Broad subject area 2019 Rank 2018 Rank
Arts & Humanities 299 246
Life Sciences and Medicine 373 385
Natural Sciences 451-500 401-450
Social Sciences and Management 336 323
Specific subject
Archaeology 151-200
English Language & Literature 251-300 201-250
History 151-200
Linguistics 151-200 101-150
Modern Languages 251-300 251-300
Philosophy 151-200 101-150
Computer Science & Information Systems 351-400 351-400
Agriculture & Forestry 151-200 151-200
Biological Sciences 251-300 301-350
Geography 151-200 151-200
Medicine 351-400 301-350
Pharmacy & Pharmacology 251-300
Chemistry 451-500 401-450
Physics & Astronomy 551-600 451-500
Communication & Media Studies 151-200 151-200
Law 251-300 251-300
Politics and International Studies 101-150 151-200
Sociology 201-250
Business & Management 401-450
Business & Economics 251-300
Education 251-300 301-400

Study in University of Tartu

Admission requirements

Bachelors Programs

Before you start your application to study in University of Tartu, its important to note that University Of Tartu offers bachelor’s programs in both Estonian and English languages. At the moment there are currently about three programs that are taught in English language and they include: Business Administration, Science and Technology, Medicine. The admission requirement is that you should have a secondary education or qualification that qualifies you to start a higher education either in your home country or abroad.

Masters Programs

To qualify for a master’s program in University of Tartu, applicant must have completed a bachelor’s program or its equivalent in a good university. If English language is not your official language, you should also provide English language test results like Toefl or Ielts.

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PhD programs

At the moment, University of Tartu is the best research university in Estonia with over 1400 doctoral students conducting research in the university yearly. Also, more than 100 doctoral degrees are defended annually, which is half of the total number in Estonia. The requirement for getting admission into University of Tartu doctoral programs is that you should have a masters or corresponding degree. In some cases, some faculties may require an entrance examination or interview.

Tuition fees charged by university of Tartu

Tuition fees charged by university of Tartu is quite affordable compared to other universities. For bachelors and masters programs expect to pay between 2000 Euros to 6000 Euros per year for all study programs apart from medicine which is about 12000 Euros per year. PhD programs in the university are all tuition free, so you don’t need to border yourself about tuition fees payment.

Application times and deadlines

Tartu University varies according to the program. For Bachelors programs, the application time is between January 2 to April 15, for masters programs between January 2 to March 15, for PhD programs between, June 1 . Ensure that you adhere strictly to the above application times and deadlines as the university will not consider any application sent after the deadline.

How to apply for admission into University of Tartu

Applying to any program in University of Tartu is very easy with the use of ‘Dreamapply’. Dream apply is a site that manages all admissions into Estonian universities. Before you start your application ensure that you have checked the university website for programs offered and the requirements. Once you have done this, go to Dreamapply, create an application account and manage all your applications.

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