University Of Ghent: Ranking And Requirements

Ghent University
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King William founded the university of Netherlands in 1817. The University is a public University, also, the academic performance of the University has made the University gain international recognition. However, according to Belgium revolution, the institution had to be handed over to another administration in 1830.


Also, in 1930, the university was bestowed an award, as one of first Dutch-speaking Universities, that originated from a French speaking country.


Furthermore, in 1991, another change happened, and the Institution was granted independence, The University motto is Inter Utrumque (English meaning: In Between Both Extremes), The school motor indicates the peacefulness that dominates the school, the school clearly demonstrates a good act of love and support. 


The rector of the school is Rik Van de Walle and he has been governing the affairs of the school since 2017.  Furthermore, the school has a very large record of students and staff, according to the statistical record of 2020, the total number of students are 49,000, while the total number of staff are 4,678. 

The school has remained consistent in maintaining high quality research, in terms of academics, in addition, the school has won a lot of awards in the field of science and engineering. 


According to academic ranking, Ghent University came first, as the overall best University in the year 2020, also according to US news, world report and times higher education, the University was ranked as the second best university. Furthermore, according to global ranking, the University has always been consistent in being among the top 100 best Universities in the world. 


Furthermore in the year 2021, the performance of Ghent University improved, as they are now maintaining the staggering position of 68-69, while they were at 98th position aforementioned times. Also, QS, which ranks a University based on how easy and how much their graduate gets hired, rank this university, as 138th 


University Campuses

Ghent Area Campuses


As is known, campuses are where most of the activity of a University takes place, so it is not with Ghent University. The University consists of 11 faculties and 200 courses, which makes the school populated with students, coming to learn one course and the other.


The University is a great place for research, as the University has done many research which has been beneficial to humans, and especially in the area of sciences, this is one of the contributing factors, why this school keeps getting applications from thousands of prospective students wanting to be part of the school. 


Global Campus – South Korea


Also, according to record, the University is the first European University to seclude a place for the famous Songdo Global University Campus in South Korea. 


In addition, there are three bachelor’s program that are being offered in  Food Technology, environmental technology and Molecular Biotechnology, 


Campus Kortrijk


The school being located in Flanders, campus of Kortrijk, is a good environment for students, who want a peaceful and cool environment for learning. In this campus, there are three engineering courses that are being offered, they include: industrial design, machine and production automation and Circular Bio press Technology. Some of this course are from the bioengineering faculty such as circular Bio press technology, while some are from the architecture and engineering faculty. 


Ostend Science Park


This is the first science park in the University. The park is extremely innovative, comprising several interesting sections, which makes the park so much loved by students.


Life on Campus


Sports Facilities


One of the Universities in Belgium that can boast of a standard sports centre is Ghent University. The sport faculty is popularly known as  “GUSB” Which comprises three large and 2 small halls which are meant for indoor games.In addition, it also comprises 25m-swimming pool. 


Majorly, maximum attention and support are dedicated to students who have disabilities, to enable them to have a feeling of sport. Notwithstanding, counselling and support are also made available for students who has burning passion for sport to make them achieve their goals.Furthermore, the below are the kind of sports being provided by the University

  •  aerobics
  •  water polo, 
  • basketball,
  •  tennis, 
  • cross-fit
  •  swimming,
  •  badminton,
  • five-a-side football,
  •  diving, 
  • krav maga,
  •  handball, 
  • kayaking,
  •  jogging in a group,
  • aikido,
  • yoga, 
  • Bujinkan bujutsu,
  •  volleyball, 
  • condition gym, 
  • judo, 
  • running,
  •  table tennis,
  •  BBB, 
  • rugby, 
  • hockey
  •  mini football,
  •  karate, 
  • korfball, etc.

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The University provides lovely housing services for international students, who would prefer to stay on campuses. 

The school has a department which deals with housing facilities for students and staff who come from international countries. Notwithstanding, they also provide their international students staff, with tips and advice on how to get an affordable house, outside the school environment. 


Also, bear in mind that the house that will be provided, will only be available for a short stay, which means it will expire a few months after your study in the University. You will stand to benefit from free access to the Internet in the house that will be provided, however the fee for this would have been charged with the entire house fee.


 In addition, the house that will be provided, would have already been furnished with up-to-date furniture, which meets the modern days furniture standard, also, 24-7 support is available for students who will need one help or the other during their stay in the house. 




There are a lot of enviable restaurants that situate this school, which gives the school a reason to boast of. There are a lot of high quality meals that are being offered in this university, and some local and international foods are also available at most of the University restaurants.

The restaurants are made available in different angles of the University, which means, students are just a light troll to having their delicious meal. In addition, these restaurants are not only made available for students, staff can also have their meal in the restaurants as well. 


As a student, you are advised to always go with your student card, for you to be adequately attended to, if you fail to do this, you may have to pay additional fees, for the meal you want to take. In addition, on the left side of the restaurant, there is a big television screen that shows the price for each meal, whatever you see on the screen is what you will have to pay. However, if you go to the restaurants in a group, there will be a discount on your meal. However, ever since the start of COVID-19, there is now home delivery service, which means students can order for their food, and it will be delivered to their doorstep. Also, cash is not an acceptable payment method, you will have to pay with your debit or credit card. 


Job service for Students


Getting a job as a student is the joy of many students, as this is a great way to support their studies. However, as a student in Belgium, it’s of high importance for you to have a knowledge of Dutch language, as this is one of the major criteria before you can be offered a job.


Having acknowledged this, there is a section in the school that educates students on how to get a good job as a student.


For this purpose, students who can speak Dutch language, are to see the job service provider in the institution personally.


As a student, once you have been able to get a job, you will be told your total salary wages. However, the money that the student receives will be lesser, putting social security charges and taxes into consideration.


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Life in the City

Ghent is an area full of students from every walk of life, coming to learn one thing or the other. 


This city is decorated with youths, and most of the students love to visit places  like Porterhouse, peanuts  on Wednesday and Thursday respectively. Also Overpoortstraat is a good place for students who want to hangout or students love to party – these are one of the most memorable memories of students. 


There are a lot of beautiful things that take place on Ghent daily, which always makes students find themselves attached to the city.


Admission Requirements

It’s not really hard for students to gain admission in Ghent University, especially entry students, because the process is much simplified. You will be enrolled into the University based on your language proficiency and diploma. 

Straight to the point, if you are an international student, once you present a valid document, you will be considered for an admission in Ghent University.


Bachelor’s Program


For students who want to obtain a bachelor’s degree from this university, there are only a few requirements you must meet, before you can be considered for an admission. The start of the process is when you upload your diploma degree result, once the admission department receives this, they will assess your result, and tell you the next thing which you should do. 

However, the basic requirement is for you to understand Dutch Language, as this is the primary language for many of the lecturers. 

In addition to this, if you have already been offered an admission in your home country, you can still apply for an admission in Ghent University, and you will still be offered the same course you were offered in your home country. However, before you will begin to start your application process, make sure you have gone through the admission requirements placed on the University’s website. 


Masters’ Program

In Ghent University, there are master’s programs split into two,   which are the advanced master program, and the initial master program.  These two different types of master program require different requirements.


 Pre-Doctoral Training

As an international student, if you want to obtain a doctoral degree in this university, you may have to first undergo a pre-doctoral training, to assess your level of kwnwldege, this will determine, whether you qualify for the degree or not. During this training, you will be closely monitored by a supervisor



Application Deadline

Students are given enough time to apply for an admission into Ghent University, this is to enable them take their time for the application process.  Once you have completed your online application, you will be sent a mail by the University, containing information about documents which you must present to the university physically.  Also, you are to ensure you do this before the deadline, because once the application deadline is reached, you won’t be allowed to present any documents physically anymore. In addition, the deadlines for admission applications are splitted into two, one is meant for students who require a visa, before they can come into the country, and one for those who do not need a visa.



Tuition fees and Cost of Living.

The tuition fee for students in Ghent University differs based on Nationalities, students from the european countries have lesser fees to pay, while students from the non-european countries have higher fees to pay. Students from european countries will pay £299 per session, while students from non-european countries have £345 to pay as tuition fees per session. 


Furthermore, for the cost of living, students should budget between 100-500 euros for their cost of living. However, it will be good if you can come to the country with more than this amount. 




There are some students who are usually placed on Scholarship by ghent University, these are students who have exceptional academic results. However, you won’t have to separately apply for this, you will be automatically considered for the scholarship once you qualify for it. 


International Training Program


These ryp of training are short-term training. These training are basically for international students, who want to briefly acquire one skill or the other from the University. 



There is no doubt that Ghent University is one of the best Universities in the world. Would you like to study in this university? And you lack an idea on how to start the process, kindly drop a comment and we will put you through how to start. 

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