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University of Bergen
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University of Bergen

Today, we are going to shift our attention to University of Bergen in Norway. We will focus on the ranking, fees, courses offered, requirements etc. The University of Bergen is a young and modern University located in the heart of Norway with almost 15 thousand students and 3,200 workers.  Norway is a beautiful country to study. Education here is free, the cost of living is low and the country is relatively safe. If you wish to study in Norway, then the University of Bergen, should be on your top list.

This university is globally recognized research university. Academic diversity and high quality are fundamental for us. The University of Bergen is the most cited university in Norway.

Study at the University of Bergen

Founded in 1946, the University of Bergen (University of Bergen) is a Norwegian public institution. A modern university, it is located in the heart of the city of Bergen near the music school and the natural history museum. Although the majority of the courses are in Norwegian, it offers a lot of training in English to foreign students.

Students from the European community do not pay an entrance fee to the University of Bergen. However, they must pay a small semi-annual contribution which will allow them to access various services: free cultural activities, reimbursement of health expenses, housing assistance.

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If you wish to come to the University of Bergen for one or two semesters, you can register for the Erasmus program which facilitates student exchanges between European universities. If you want to study at the University of Bergen for a bachelor’s degree, you must have studied Norwegian and passed a diploma attesting to your level in this language.

In master’s degree, 30 programs in English are made available to foreign students. French students will however have to justify their level in English by passing the TOEFL or IELTS. For doctoral students, 10 doctoral programs (PhD) in English are available. Regarding the conditions required for admission, contact the faculty of your choice directly, as the requirements are not the same from one faculty to another.


The University of Bergen welcomes over 14,500 students and employs 3,700 people, including staff and teachers. The two campuses, six faculties and more than 60 research departments, position it as one of the largest universities in Norway.


The University has 6 faculties: – Faculty of Law

– Faculty of Human Sciences

– Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

– Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

– Faculty of Social Sciences

– Faculty of Psychology. In these faculties are included 60 specialized departments, 35 of which are institutes and research centers.

The training offer includes degrees ranging from license to doctorate. Doctoral training is available in each faculty.



The agreement between the universities includes all disciplines taught at both universities depending on the availability of the program.

To apply, you will also need to present a motivation letter about your academic interests and a recommendation letter about your strengths and level of English, which should not exceed a length sheet.

Once you get to the university, an English diagnostic test will be required.

Some of the courses at the university are taught in English, so you must be prepared to write, read, understand and speak English at a satisfactory level. For this, the university suggests having at least a B2 level of English.

The quota is two exchange students per year between both houses of study.

Lastly, for this process you will need your concentrations of grades from both college and university, a motivation letter and the English test.



– Humanities

– Mathematics

– Dentistry

– Medicine

– Social Science

– Theology and Religion

– Law

– Archaeology

– Biology

– Psychology

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#201 – Times Higher Education Ranking (2021)

#164 – U.S News Report Ranking (2020)

#194 – QS Global World Ranking

World Rank: #261

National Rank: #3



The University of Bergen offers many of its courses in Norwegian while few others are offer in English. However, international students can take Norwegian language classes.

Admission Requirements

For students wishing to follow a course in English, you will need to register by sending your file directly to the university, either by post or online.


Most files should contain the following documents:

A photocopy of the diploma guaranteeing higher access in Europe (baccalaureate)

A photocopy of the results obtained during the examination

A photocopy of the higher education diploma, attesting to three years of post-baccalaureate studies for candidates for Master programs

The results of a TOEFL, IELTS, or Norwegian test , validating a level corresponding to the minimums required to access the targeted training.

Finally, proof that you will have sufficient means to meet your needs on site (student loan, regular income, parental funding, etc.

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