University Of Adelaide, Australia

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Our article today will focus on University of Adelaide, fees, requirements etc. The University of Adelaide is a public university which is situated in Southern Australia and is  also one of the oldest universities in Australia.

University of Adelaide was founded in 1874, but  there was no teaching  until 1876. The first official lecture was given in Latin. About four campuses are in the University at the moment, and they include: North terrace, Waithe, Thebarton and Roseworthy.

The university’s major campus is North Terrace. The school’s library has an electronic database which consist of millions of journal articles. Also, the state art gallery and museum are among one of the attractions in the school environment.

University of Adelaide ever since it was created has boasts of a rich history and has accomplished a remarkable feat of producing a total of  about five Nobel Laureates. The University is said to conduct the best of researches in the whole world. The student to staff ratio of university of Adelaide is 29 to 6 with a student population of more than 25,000, of which 28% are foreign students, and over 3,500 staff members.

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The According to the 2021 QS University ranking, The University of Adelaide is seen to rank among the best universities in the world with an 8th place ranking in Australia and a 106th place world ranking and is in the top 1 percentile of the best schools in the world.


University of Adelaide programs

Below is the list of study programs offered by the university of Adelaide:

Accounting and Finance

Management and Business

Econometrics and Economics

Life sciences

Biological sciences

Forestry and Agriculture

Veterinary Sciences

Arts and Humanities


Arts and Performing Arts and Design

Philosophy, History and Theology

Languages, Literature and Linguistics


Chemical Engineering

Electrical and electronic engineering general engineering

Mechanical and aerospace engineering

Physical Sciences


Geology, environmental earth and marine sciences

Mathematics and statistics

Physics and astronomy

Social sciences


Media studies and communication


Politics and international studies(Including development studies)



Computer science

Computer science

Clinical and pre-clinical health

Medicine and dentistry

Other health

How to apply for admission

The university offers admissions to admissions both domestic students and to international students. They also have available offshore and pathway programs.

For Australian applicants

Choose your course of study

Prospective Australian applicants are to choose their field of study and check if they meet their requirements.

A SATAC application form should be filled and submitted to the university Admission offers would be emailed to successful applicants after evaluation of admission documents.

Acceptance of admission offer

Orientation week

For international students

The first thing to do is to choose the course of study, after which the applicant checks for the programs minimum entry requirements which include but are not limited to English tests accepted by the University of Adelaide such as IELTS,TOEFL, Pearson’s and Cambridge with a minimum of overall scores of 6,70,50, and 169 respectively.

Other basic academic requirements like the international ATAR, international Baccalaureate,and GCE has to be met as well. Applicants should note that the academic requirements differ according  to course selection.

Ensure that all applications are submitted before their respective deadlines. If you are planning  to apply for scholarships, send in your application at least 8 weeks to the closure of the school scholarship and do well to complete a scholarship application form on time.

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Upon Admission Acceptance

If you are given a conditional offer, all conditions must be met prior to offer acceptance.

Offer statement and acceptance agreement: Duly fill and complete the offer statement form and sign and date where necessary.

Tuition fees payment

Tuition fees payment to the university must be done through the following methods: Western union, Business solutions, bank transfers, debit and credit cards. Prospective applicants are advised to check the university’s policy on refunds and adjustments.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees in University of Adelaide are charged according to the number of units being done in one academic session. Below you can find the number of units and their corresponding tuition fees per semester:

Tuition fees 2021  (9 units)- $9,750

Tuition fees 2022  (12 units) – $13000

Estimated living expenses $6000 – $8000

Overseas student health cover (OSHC) – $360- $380

Total $15,360-$20,380

Please note that the above fees are in Australian dollars.

A budget of about $400 should be made per semester. This would be for the purchase of textbooks and other materials such as lab coats and for going on field trips and other outings.


For visa application, contact the nearest Australian high commission for information.

Personal details like the information page on your passport should be sent to the school in order to process your confirmation of enrolment.

Confirmation of enrolment

This will help you process the application for an Australian student visa which will be mailed to you on completion of acceptance of offer form and tuition fee deposit.

Visa application

Once you have received your confirmation of enrolment, you may proceed to apply for your visa. Please contact the nearest Australian embassy to apply for your Australian student visa.


An international student orientation will be scheduled. It is advisable that new students attend the orientation course in order to receive important information.

How expensive is living in Adelaide?

Adelaide is ranked among the most affordable capital cities in Australia with accommodation and transportation costs being significantly less than in Sydney or Melbourne.

Average weekly expenditure

Rent $135-$385

Food $90-$130

Electricity $35-$55

Transportation $20-$35

Telephone $20-$40

Miscellaneous $350-$695

TOTAL $650-$1340

Post graduate programs

Almost all postgraduate courses have at least a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualification, however some require relevant professional experience in their respective fields. Domestic students can apply online on the university website via SATAC, while international students apply on the international student website.

There are numerous support systems set up in order to make the learning experience as convenient as possible.

There are also support systems like accommodation services which helps students find accommodation, learning support services, child care services, counselling services, health services, international student center and a well-equipped library all adding into the complete learning experience.

The University has made available free Wi-Fi for students, study areas for groups and individuals, access to photocopiers and computers, and specialist librarians to assist students in utilizing the library’s resources to the fullest.

Campus Life

Apart from the many academic activities in the University of Adelaide, there are also recreational activities such as cafeterias with various international foods, fitness centers and more than a hundred student societies and clubs, which  will ensure an educative yet entertaining experience.

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