Top Universities In Utrecht, Netherlands

Universities in Utrecht
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Universities in Utrecht

This article will focus on the top universities in Utrecht, Netherlands. We shall provide the average tuition fees for each of the universities. Utrecht is the capital and most populous city of the province of Utrecht, as well as the Netherlands’ fourth largest city and municipality. It is situated in the eastern corner of the Randstad conurbation, in the very heart of the Dutch mainland; as of 2019, it had a population of 357,179 people.

Utrecht is home to Utrecht University, the Netherlands’ largest university, as well as a number of other higher education institutions. It is an important transit hub for both rail and road transit due to its central location within the country; Utrecht Central, the busiest train station in the Netherlands, is located in the city of Utrecht.

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After Amsterdam, it boasts the second biggest number of cultural events in the Netherlands. Lonely Planet ranked Utrecht as one of the top ten undiscovered cities in the world in 2012.

Let’s now look at some top universities in Utrecht….

Top Universities In Utrecht

Utrecht University

Utrecht Institution (UU; Dutch: Universiteit Utrecht, originally Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht) is a Dutch public research university. It is one of the oldest universities in the Netherlands, having been founded on March 26, 1636 (385 years ago). It had 31,801 students enrolled in 2018 and employed 7,191 faculty and employees. In 2018, 525 PhDs were granted and 6,948 scientific papers were published. The university’s budget for 2018 was €857 million.

Tuition fees: The annual tuition fees in Utrecht university ranges from €9000 to €13,000.

HU University of Applied Sciences, Utrecht

Students and professionals aged 17 to 67 are educated at the HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. Around 35,000 students study at the institution, which is spread out over 22 locations in Utrecht and Amersfoort.

Over 50 lectors at the university conduct research into challenges that arise in everyday life, providing continuous revision and enhancement of education programs as well as a valuable contribution to professional practice innovation in the Netherlands and beyond.

Tuition fees: The annual tuition fees in this university ranges from € 8000 to € 17,000.

HKU University of the Arts, Utrecht

The HKU University of the Arts, Utrecht is committed to international collaboration and participates in a variety of international programs and projects. For the purpose of exchanging professors, students, and projects, the HKU maintains contact with about 200 educational institutions around the world. Almost a quarter of the students are from countries other than the Netherlands.

Foreign students can enroll as ordinary students, exchange students in programs like Socrates/Erasmus, bilateral exchange students, or MA, MPhil, or Ph.D students at the HKU. The HKU has been an Open University-accredited institution since 1999.

Tuition fees: Tuition fees in this university ranges from €7000 to €10,000 per year for international students.

University of Humanistic Studies

The University of Humanistic Studies (Dutch: Universiteit voor Humanistiek (UvH)) is a Dutch university based in Utrecht. It is the Netherlands’ newest university, with approximately 530 students. It is also the only university in the country that offers a degree in humanistic studies. The UvH was established in 1989 when the Dutch secular organisation Humanistisch Verbond elevated the status of a pre-existing higher education school.

Tuition fees: Contact the university here for more information about fees in this university.

Marnix Academy

Marnix Academie, sometimes known as Marnix Academy, is a Dutch public higher education institution. The Marnix Academy was established in 1984. Marnix Academy’s main building is located in Utrecht. Marnix Academy is one of the best universities in the Netherlands, ranking within the top five. Marnix Academy has a national ranking in the Netherlands, a remarkable achievement attained in less than 40 years.

Marnix Academy has about 2000 students, putting it in the category of small universities in the classification. Citizens and non-citizens alike are eligible to apply. There are 199 specialists on the teaching faculty. Students at the institution have the possibility to participate in international exchange programs. You can learn more about the university’s students and alumni by visiting the university’s social media pages: Twitter and Facebook.

Tuition fees: A bachelor’s degree will require a budget of roughly €4000 for a year. Those wishing to pursue a master’s degree should budget at least €6000 each year.

Scholarships in Netherlands

Every year the Dutch government gives out lots of scholarships to students who cannot afford to finance their education in Netherlands. Let’s look at some of them:

  1. Holland Scholarship

The Holland Scholarship is for international students from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) who desire to study in the Netherlands for their bachelor’s or master’s degree.

The Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science, as well as many Dutch research universities and institutions of applied sciences, are funding this scholarship. It is valued at €5,000. This will be given to you throughout your first year of studies. Please keep in mind that this is not a full-fee scholarship.

Scholarship application link

2. MENA Scholarship Programme (MSP)

Professionals from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) can apply for scholarships to attend short courses in the Netherlands under the MENA Scholarship Programme (MSP).

The scholarships are offered in a competitive selection process to highly motivated individuals who are able to integrate newly learned skills and knowledge into their current employers. Female applicants receive at least half of all scholarships awarded in any country.

The MSP’s overall goal is to help organizations improve capacity by allowing staff to participate in short courses in the Netherlands. It also seeks to develop ties between the participating nations and the Netherlands by establishing a long-term alumni network.

Although the scholarship is given to individuals, all applicants must be recommended by their company in order to be considered. The necessity for training must be established in the context of the organization where the applicant works. While the scholarship is offered to individuals, all applicants must be sponsored by their employer in order to be considered. The applicant’s need for training must be proven in the context of the organization where he or she works.

Scholarship application link

3. Erasmus+

Erasmus+ is a new EU education, training, youth, and sport project that spans from 2014 to 2020. Erasmus+ strives to increase international student mobility by providing study and traineeship scholarships, among other things.

An Erasmus+ scholarship can be used to study or work in another EU country. You can study for three to twelve months or do a traineeship (work placement) for two to twelve months.

You can spend up to 12 months abroad during each academic year. 12 months during your bachelor’s degree and 12 months throughout your master’s degree, for example. Any combination of study sessions and/or traineeships can be included in a 12-month term.

Scholarship application link

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