Top 5 MBA Specializations That Can Get You a High Paying Job

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One of the big reasons to consider getting an MBA is the immense job opportunities and earning potential. Consider that there is a natural question that arises, “what are the job opportunities post-MBA?” since MBA is a degree that comes with intense learning and experience.

Luckily, careers for MBA graduates are a lot as organizations of all types need and want the expertise that MBA graduates have. Still, want to know what jobs one can get through MBA? Here are some of the top career options for individuals after they graduate with an MBA.


1. Entrepreneurship

2. Business Analytics

3. Information Technology

4. Real Estate

5. Economics

These are some of the highest paying jobs one gets post-MBA; however, salary varies with experience and field of employment. Usually, the financial sector is considered the highest-paying; however, the technology sector also offers lucrative careers for MBA graduates.

When looking for how to get a job after MBA, one pro tip is to consider your undergraduate degree and your MBA degree and see how you can put it together and focus find employment in these fields. Also, taking part in internships and networking is highly recommended as it gives you an idea of potential employment after MBA.


  • Entrepreneurship ($100,000)

In this degree, MBA graduates will find many job opportunities as one’s imagination and creativity will drive in the decided direction. Being considered one of the highest-paying MBA specializations, an entrepreneurship MBA can help you become a sales consultant, mid-level manager, business consultant, business report, sales consultant, or some of the development subspecialties and research. The job growth for people with an MBA degree in entrepreneurship depends upon the industry and their exact position. The median salary for entrepreneurs is approximately $45,000. The best part is that the top 20% of entrepreneurs who are at the senior management level earn wages up to $133,000.


  • Business Analytics ($126,000)

MBA in business analytics is considered as one of the highest paying specializations available in today’s business marketplace. This degree provides graduates a large number of specialty options that include financial analysts, cost estimators, marketing research analysts, and statisticians, to name a few. Business analysis is the study of data generated through statistical sources and operations. Students graduating with a degree in this area explore predictors and models in great depth to gain the necessary insight to move businesses forward. The median salary for management analysts is $85,500; however, those on the top of the scale earn nearly $155,000 during the same year.


  • Information Technology ($110,000)

MBA specialization in Information Technology offers graduates a variety of career applications. Generally, a Computer & Information Research specialist is the highest paying MBA specializations under the Information Technology domain. Other career options for information technology degree holders include Systems Analysts, Network Architects, security analysts, web developers, database administrators, and software developers. The highest median annual salary that exceeds $118,000 is earned by Computer and Information Research scientist. Computer network architects earn up to $110,000 a year, while software developers have a median yearly salary of $106,590.


  • Real Estate ($102,000)

MBA in Real Estate offers a multitude of professional specialties. Real estate management professionals work as operations researchers, appraisers, community association managers, and investment analysts. MBA professionals with real estate degrees can also land rewarding careers as investors or sales professionals. The median salary for community association managers is $60,300 per year, while those earning at the top as community association managers yearly make $130,000. Other than that, real estate appraisers earn a median annual salary of $59,980.


  • Economics ($99,000)

Individuals who graduate from an MBA program in economics have various career paths to choose from for a successful career. MBA economics majors provide market research jobs, benefits, compensation, an economic consultancy, actuarial science, attorney, credit analysis, policy, and finance. Talking about the salary, post this course, one can get a median annual salary of $85,660, increasing up to $108,000.

Thus, these are the top MBA specializations that contribute to a successful career for the rest of the life. If you are interested in any one of these specializations, go ahead and pursue an education in these sectors.

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