TEFL Certification Cost: Pros and Cons

How to Become TEFL Qualified 
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How to Become TEFL Qualified 



When looking for online TEFL classes, you’ll come across a wide range of rates, ranging from $150 to $1,500. The average cost of a 120-hour online TEFL course with a tutor is roughly $250-$650. 

The vast majority of people who become TEFL certified to teach English abroad or virtually earn their certificates online, and most language schools and online tutoring companies accept this type of certification. That’s wonderful news, because online TEFLL certification classes are much less expensive than in-person courses, and they’re also much more flexible and convenient. Furthermore, the coronavirus epidemic rendered in-person classes unfeasible, and while many colleges have subsequently reopened, the trend toward online certification has only accelerated since late 2019.

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What Is TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Certification? 

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) is an acronym that stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. It entails teaching non-native English speakers how to read, write, and speak English. And, in most cases, TEFL certification is required to acquire a position teaching English. This shows that you’ve completed professional-level TEFL instruction that meets internationally recognized criteria. 

While not as demanding as obtaining a teaching degree, TEFL certification still necessitates a time and financial investment. 

How Long Does TEFL Certification Take? 

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to TEFL certification. It is possible to obtain TEFL certification in as little as a month, depending on the TEFL course and your individual circumstances. However, most students should plan on taking their TEFL course over the period of around six months. This should provide you with enough time to finish the 100–200 hours of coursework and 6–20 hours of live practice teaching required by most courses. 

How to Become TEFL Qualified 

Search around. 

You’ll need to start looking for a course that’s right for you after you’ve examined the time and money costs. Volunteer Forever maintains a comprehensive list of some of the greatest TEFL opportunities, which is updated on a yearly basis (to see what’s available, go here). 

Remember that your choice of TEFL certification course can have a significant impact on your teaching abroad experience, so do your homework, read reviews, and reach out to specific providers with any questions or concerns you may have. During your research period, how helpful (or unhelpful) a provider is might offer you an indication of how helpful (or useless) they will be once you become their student. 


Applying for your preferred TEFL certification program can be as simple as going to the program’s website and clicking a link. However, the majority of programs also provide consulting services. Consider utilizing these services; advisors can assist you in navigating the application procedure. They can also assist you in ensuring that you meet all of the course prerequisites, such as age, citizenship, and educational level. 

Also, many TEFL programs have a more complicated application process than merely filling out an online form. You’ll very certainly be asked to participate in an interview, and you’ll be asked about your previous experiences and long-term ambitions. So, take as much time as you need to organize your thoughts ahead of time. Don’t go into the interview unprepared; these programs are searching for students who are committed to become exceptional TEFL teachers. 

Put in the effort 

As you begin your TEFL course, keep in mind that your achievement means more than a certificate of accomplishment. Your coursework’s ultimate purpose is to prepare you to teach abroad, which means students will be counting on you to communicate the content effectively. They require a TEFL instructor that exemplifies the TEFL ideas and is fully committed to their success. 

Make taking a TEFL course a priority. Your success will be determined by your focus, whether you’re getting your TEFL certification online, taking classes locally, or traveling halfway around the world to get trained. Get the supplies you’ll need, put other worries aside, and arrive prepared to buckle down. Don’t hold back; the more you put into your TEFL course, the more you’ll be able to give to your future pupils. 

Maintain your momentum. 

Keep your momentum going as you near the completion of your course and your TEFL certification. After all, the TEFL certificate is just one step on the way to teaching overseas, which means you still have some major decisions to make. 

Many TEFL programs include career counseling and/or placement assistance. Don’t be afraid to ask for whatever help they can provide; after all, you’re paying for these services, and expert advice from recognized TEFL programs can be helpful. And, if you’re doing a TEFL course in the country where you’ll be serving, you’ll need that momentum after your studies are through and the real work begins.

What factors should you consider before selecting a TEFL course? 

If you want to start TEFL as a second career, moving to a city with a lot of enterprises will allow you to meet all the right people. You might be instructing senior executives and company directors, which might help you create valuable connections. 

Working in a country where the TEFL business is well-organized and well-established will make your growth much easier if you want to teach English as a long-term career. You could work in teacher preparation, class coordination at a teaching agency, or as a director of studies. While teaching, you can pursue a distance-learning MA in TEFL via the internet. 

If you want to combine employment and travel by teaching English as a foreign language, studying for a certificate in another nation is a good idea. You’ll have an immediate group of friends and coworkers to help you adjust into a new area, making the transition less stressful. 

If you wish to use TEFL to travel to different countries, make sure that the TEFL course you choose is accredited. This implies it meets the British Council’s requirements of 120 study hours and 6 supervised practice lessons. It should also be accredited by a third-party organization that guarantees the course’s quality. You should keep in mind that many academies and language schools are looking for long-term staff and may not be able to hire you if you are only planning on staying in the nation for two months. Look for short-term placements or volunteer opportunities.

The Best Accredited TEFL Programs 

The International TEFL Academy is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching English 

International TEFL Academy is one of the most well-known approved TEFL programs in the world, with courses in 25 different locations. They also provide authorized online TEFL courses for aspiring instructors who prefer to learn on their own time. Every year, over 5,000 teachers graduate from the International TEFL Academy and go on to teach in over 80 countries across the world. 

TEFL & TESOL Training on a Global Scale 

ITTT is an accredited TEFL course provider with educational centers in dozens of countries throughout the world, from Guatemala to South Africa to Vietnam. They also provide TEFL online courses that are accredited. ITTT courses are practical in nature and take an English-only classroom approach to ESL training. 

TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Intro: The Language House TEFL, based in Prague, Czech Republic, is a well-known and popular approved TEFL course provider. It provides a more private and communal learning experience with a strong emphasis on the individual because it is not as large as the main providers. The Language House TEFL focuses on developing personal relationships and providing hands-on assistance throughout the accreditation process and teaching abroad experiences. 

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ITT International TEFL and TESOL LTD is a company that specializes in teaching English as a second language. 

For students looking for authorized, cheap online course options, ITT International TEFL & TESOL is a lifesaver. Students can enroll in a 60-hour, 120-hour, or 180-hour TEFL course for as little as $79, with options for 60-hour, 120-hour, or 180-hour certifications, all of which can be completed at your own leisure. You’ll be assigned a personal tutor who will be there for you every step of the way, providing helpful and encouraging feedback. 

Premier TEFL 

Premier TEFL offers a variety of authorized TEFL courses online, allowing teachers to choose between a basic training and a variety of specialities. They also offer paid internships and blended courses in dozens of cities throughout South America, Europe, and Asia. Premier TEFL has been in the business for more than three decades and prides itself on providing instructive, comprehensive, and interesting courses. 


MyTEFL provides approved online TEFL courses, on-site TEFL courses in Thailand, Argentina, and Spain, as well as a variety of other training programs all around the world. They are also quite helpful when it comes to applying for teaching jobs abroad, providing full support throughout the application process. MyTEFL is also a socially responsible company, donating a portion of its registration fees to charitable organizations.

Advantages of Online TEFL Courses 

Convenience and adaptability 

One of the most appealing aspects of an online TEFL course is that it may be easily integrated into your weekly routine. You can work through the course material whenever you want, ideally when you’re free of the pressures and distractions of your regular daily activities. You aren’t limited in the same manner that you are when you attend lessons in person. Online courses do not interfere with your daily routine, but you must still set aside time to study. 


When compared to attending classes in person, enrolling in an online TEFL program is less expensive. Tuition fees (which are typically lower), transportation costs, and other time and monetary expenses associated with attending the classroom can all be reduced. You can learn online from anyplace, including a less expensive location. Because course materials are more likely to be made available for free online, you may be able to save money on textbooks as well. 

Before you buy, give it a shot. 

When you study to teach English online, you can test out a few different things without making a large commitment. You could, for example, take a low-cost course to see if online learning is right for you. You might get a better idea if you really want to teach while doing this. You can also use online training to try to obtain a certification from a foreign country where you want to teach before traveling there. 

Easily communicate with tutors 

Because you’re taking the classes online, it doesn’t mean you can’t connect with the tutors however you choose. You have the ability to effectively conduct talks, ask questions, and receive any other assistance you require. There are a variety of apps that make this feasible, and all you have to do is download them to your device. During the learning process, video chat can make it feel as though you’re meeting tutors face to face. 

Take Advantage of Personalized Education 

You can learn at your own pace and in whatever style fits you best when taking online TEFL classes. You can, for example, hit pause in the middle of a recorded presentation to go over something vital. You may also look out alternate sources of information fast on the internet. Many students find that taking notes on digital flashcards keeps them engaged as well as helps them review and retain important knowledge later.

Disadvantages of Online TEFL Courses 

One disadvantage of taking an online TEFL course is that you miss out on some of the advantages of in-person lessons. In addition, the online format poses certain unique study problems, and success requires strong study abilities. The following are the top five drawbacks of online TEFL programs. 

Practical Experience Is Missing 

If you take a TEFL course entirely online, you will almost always miss out on the opportunity to obtain practical experience. A 120-hour TEFL certificate involves at least 6-10 hours of supervised teaching practice. 

Students in the TEFL program are supervised by a licensed professional and teach real students (not classmates). One of the things that companies may check for when recruiting teachers is observed teacher practice. If you’re studying online, you can still show that you’ve taught in various ways (including by doing your first job). 

Lost Study Abroad Possibility 

Instead of studying online, you might wish to study overseas if you want to teach English – especially to future foreign students. You’ll get a greater sense of the difficulties and rewards of studying in a foreign nation. This aids in the development of greater empathy for overseas pupils. You could also profit from studying in a country like Australia or the United Kingdom. 

It’s possible that you’re feeling lonely. 

One disadvantage of online learning is that it might lead to feelings of isolation. Aside from text-based interactions, you’ll be on your own for the most of your studying. Consider whether you have the right personality and a diverse enough social life to succeed at online learning. 

Make Your Own Framework 

Another disadvantage of online training is that there isn’t much in the way of a learning framework. There are no set class times for you. As a result, you can’t just show up and expect everything to be ready for you. Instead, you’ll need to get organized and establish healthy work habits and routines. If you want to complete an online course successfully, you must be well-organized.

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