Technical University Of Denmark

Technical University of Denmark
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Technical University of Denmark

The Technical University of Denmark is one of the renowned universities in Denmark that you love. Tuition fee is not so high for international students and the university offers some English-taught programs. Let’s find out more this popular institution.



Also known under the acronym DTU, the Technical University of Denmark is located in the small municipality of Lyngby-Taarbæk that borders the north of Copenhagen, the country’s capital city. This institution of higher education founded in 1829 tends to use scientific and technical development as key tools for the benefit of societies. With a high level of research publication and a student body of around 10,000 people, this public university is ranked 112th worldwide in the QS World University Ranking 2018, thus positioning itself as the second best placed in Denmark in this ranking.

Again, The  Technical University of Denmark was founded in 1829 as the  University of Advanced Technology (College of Advanced Technology) with the aim of providing theoretical knowledge to young workers in the industry.


During the early years of the 20th century it acquired international prestige and is one of the best Nordic universities in its field. Its marked business profile stands out.

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The  central campus is located 15 kilometers from Copenhagen , in the northern part of  Lundtofte , in a town called Lyngby . It has other secondary campuses in  Risø and  Ballerup and several research centers around the country


With educational programs at the undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels, the Technical University of Denmark covers a vast set of areas of knowledge through the 26 departments into which it is divided, among which stand out, for example, Nanoscopy Electronics, Civil Engineering, Photonic Engineering, Micro and Nanotechnology Engineering, the National Laboratory for Sustainable Energies, the National Space Institute, and a large etcetera. The work carried out in these departments is also complemented by the research centers, which to date have a total of 19 and which are largely the reason for the high level of publications of this type that the Technical University of Denmark.

The Education System in Technical University of Denmark

– The Education System in Technical University of Technology Denmark, is different

The education system in Technical University of Denmark is very different from that in the Netherlands. In Denmark, there are no courses, but modules. Each module takes a certain amount of time and is often opened by an explanation day by someone from the business world. The purpose of this is to make you enthusiastic about the module. Often because they show how the knowledge is used in real life, you are more motivated.

– Everything is very practical

Students in the Technical University of Technology are required to do their own research, go into town to conduct interviews, for example. Also, projects are always created in groups, so that collaboration and social aspects are trained. At the end of the module there is often a presentation of your project with your group and you will be individually assessed for your commitment and the knowledge you have acquired.

There are also theoretical exams in between, but 80% is practice-oriented and classified in this way.

So are you a more active person and do you like practical learning? Then the Danish school system is just the thing for you. Do you prefer to read the books? Then perhaps the Netherlands is perfect for you. Immerse yourself in the systems in the countries around the Netherlands and see if there is a country that offers the way of learning that fits well with your needs. If you can learn pleasantly, the chance that you will enjoy a study is also a lot higher.

How is the study in the Technical University of Denmark organized?

For each module you receive a certain number of credits and you can collect these throughout the year. If you happen to fail a module once, you can just continue with the next one and repair it later. You have two re-sits for this.


If the repair does not work, you will eventually have a problem, but I have not yet experienced that someone could not repair a module. The guidance in this is simply great.


Technical University of Denmark Rankings

#103 in QS World University Rankings (2021)

#151-200 in Academics Rankings of World (2020)

# 148 in U.S News & World Report Rankings (2020)

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 Tuition Fee in Technical University of Denmark

Tuition fee is free for EU/EEA citizens. However, tuition fee in Technical University of Denmark cost around 13,500 EUR per year for nearly all programs.

Language Used For Teaching

The language used for teaching in Technical University of Denmark is Danish. However, some courses are held in English for international students.

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