Tallin University: Fees, Ranking and Requirements

Tallin University
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Three Estonian universities are in the global top 1,000

Tallin, the up-and-coming capital of Estonia, has several universities. The Tallin University is one of it. It enjoys a good international reputation, as Estonia is one of the model countries when it comes to telecommunications and information technology. Tallinn University is the largest in the country and can also be proud of its relevant courses of study such as medicine, microbiology, or psychology. There are also smaller arts universities and Estonia’s only private university, the Estonian Business School in Tallin University. You would come to like Tallin University in Estonia, as you get to know more about it here.

About Tallin University

Tallinn University (TU) a public university, is the largest university of humanities and social sciences in Tallinn and the third biggest public university in Estonia. It was founded in 2005.

At TU, longest traditions of teacher training in Estonia and the most modern film and media school in the Baltic countries exist side by side. Tallin University is also one of the most affordable universities in Tallin. Tallin University is well equipped and it has many courses shine with high international rankings.

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Tallin University Rankings

Tallin University is one of the top universities in Tallin, Estonia.

Tallin#801-1000 in QS Global World University Rankings 2021.

#2 BRICS & Emerging Economies University Ranking (2020)

#4 URAP World Ranking (2019)

Some Courses Offered in Tallin University


– Law

– History

– Ecology

– Demography

– Politics and Governance

– Psychology

– Social Work

– History

– Humanities

About The City Where Tallin University is Situated

Tallin University is situated in Tallin city.

The capital city of Estonia,Tallin is populated with  almost 500,000 inhabitants. The city is progressively growing and is becoming a lively metropolis. The economy here is booming. In fact, the Internet network is said to be one of the best in the world and there is free WiFi almost everywhere. If that doesn’t speak for Estonia!


Student life and leisure in Tallin, Estonia

But enough with formalities, the free time during your studies abroad in Tallin, (as it is in Estonia, generally speaking) should not be neglected! Whether you say that Estonians are a bit cool and closed, or that they are hospitable and celebratory, it won’t get boring here anytime soon.


Nature also has a lot to offer here. Tallin borders the Baltic Sea, and there are more than 1,500 islands there, some of which are unspoiled. Allegedly there is also a lively surfing scene on the Baltic coast.

Large parts of the sparsely populated country have been discovered with a wide landscape of forests and lakes that are ideal for hiking in summer. If Estonia is too small for you, you can visit the neighboring Baltic states of Latvia and Lithuania or take a detour to Hellsinki, which is a 2-hour boat trip from Tallin. St. Petersburg can also be reached quickly, but be careful, a visa is required to get to Russia.

Cost of Living in Tallin

The costs for food, leisure, and other expenses amount to between 300 and 500 €, depending on the standard of living.

You must also note that, Tallin is the most expensive city for studying in Estonia. However, Students can use public transport for free here.

EU citizens get a European health insurance card or foreign health insurance to receive sufficient medical care in Estonia.

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Tuition fees at public universities in Estonia (Tallin University)

In Estonia, public universities charge tuition fees between 1,660 and 7,500 EUR per academic year for both Bachelor’s and Master’s programs. However, some universities have higher tuition for non-EU/EEA citizens — so that’s something to keep in mind.


A big plus for linguistically gifted students: if you study in Estonian, you don’t have to pay any tuition fees. However, if you want to study an English-language course in Estonia, you have to pay tuition fees. And these fluctuate greatly between the individual subjects, between € 1,500 and € 7,500 per year, for medical subjects they even amount to € 11,000.


Admission Requirements into Tallin University

The following are some requirements for Undergraduate Studies:

– You must have a certificate of upper secondary education.

– The admission score shall be based on the results of entrance exams

-The minimum value of the results of state exams necessary for applying shall be no

less than 40 points.

– Student candidates are required to prove their competency in the English language through internationally recognized tests like IELTS and TOEFL.

Please Note:

The application fee for applying to Tallinn University is 100 euros. You can apply for two programs at Tallinn University while paying the application fee once.

Summary: Tallin University is one of the top-ranked universities in Estonia. You can study at this prestigious university at affordable rate. The cost of living in Tallin is fair. To gain admission into Tallin University, one of the requirements you must meet, if you are an international student candidate, is to prove your competency in English language through internationally recognized tests.

List of other universities in Estonia

  1. Audentes University
  2. Audentes University, Tartu Branch
  3. Concordia International University Estonia
  4. Estonian Academy of Arts
  5. Estonian Academy of Music
  6. Estonian Agricultural University
  7. Estonian Business School
  8. Estonian Public Service Academy
  9. International University Estonia
  10. Tallinn Institute of Technology
  11. Tallinn Technical University
  12. Tallinn University
  13. Tartu Medical School
  14. University Nord
  15. University of Tartu

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