Study In Slovenia: Ranking, Fees and Requirements

Study in Slovenia
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Study in Slovenia

In today’s article, we are going to look at study in Slovenia, ranking, tuition fees and list of universities in Slovenia. Yes, you read right:  ‘Study in Slovenia’. There is high possibility that you have not heard much about this small country in Europe let alone considered studying in any of the universities in Slovenia. Here are top reasons why you should consider studying in Slovenia. After that, you will find out some top universities in Slovenia.



Slovenia is a country in Europe. It has been in European Union since 2004.

Slovenia is an absolute destination for international students. Why?

Slovenia rankings:

Slovenia is #31 in the world’s economy ranking

It is #31 too, in the world ease of doing business

Slovenia is ranked #7 in the world education ranking

Slovenia is #18 in the world safety ranking

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  1. Student life in Slovenia is perfectly built for success

Universities in Slovenia very welcoming to international students. Professors in Slovenia universities often pay extra attention to international students.

  1. You Can Study in English

Often times, language is a barrier for international students when it comes to studying aboard. But in Slovenia universities, you can find good courses offered in English.

Some popular Courses Offered in English in Slovenia Universities

– Management

– Law

– Geology

– Music

– Pharmacy

– Tourism

– Theology

– Physics

– Electrical Engineering

– Economics

  1. It is a safe place to study

In countries where crime rate is high, foreigners are usually the main victims. As someone who is aspiring to study aboard, one of your major concerns should be studying in a safe country. Slovenia is a safe place to study. As mentioned earlier in Slovenia rankings, Slovenia is #18 in the world safety ranking.

  1. Cost of Accommodation is super affordable

Studying in Slovenia eases another worry, cost of accommodation. In Slovenia, you can choose to live in student dormitories and spend 80- 150 EUR per month, or you can to rent a flat. This would cost you about 165 EUR per month( not so high, if you ask me).

  1. You Eat Good Food On a Low budget in Slovenia

Good food is essential as a student. But the cost of food can be very expensive in some countries, making it difficult for international students who are on a low budget to eat well.

Interestingly, the case of high cost of food is different in Slovenia. The government in Slovenia subsidized the making the cost of living in Slovenia even low. And even more interesting is the fact that you can enjoy student benefits in almost 80% of restaurant in cities as Koper, Kranj, Maribor, Celje or Ljubljana.

  1. Tuition Fee is Relatively Cheap

Although tuition fee differs from one university to the other and from one program to the another, tuition fee in Slovenia is relatively cheap. Here is a breakdown of tuition fee in Slovenia universities for undergraduate studies, Master’s and Doctoral studies.

Undergraduate Studies: 2,000 EUR – 11,000 EUR

Master’s studies: 2000 EUR- 15,000 EUR

Doctoral Studies: 2000EUR- 6000 EUR

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  1. University of Maribor
  2. University of Ljubljana
  3. University of Nova Gorica
  4. University of Mesto
  5. University of Primorska
  6. Alma Mater Europaea- European Center
  7. GEA Center


  1. University of Ljubljana

The University of Ljubljana  was founded in year 1919. The University of Ljubljana is one of the important universities in Slovenia.

Some Courses offered in University of Ljubljana:

–  Mathematics

– Law

– Medicine

– Architecture


  1. University of Maribor (UM)

Here is the largest university in Slovenia. Founded in 1975, the University of Maribor, has grown so far to be ranked  #801-1000 in the world according to QS Global World ranking.

Courses offered in University of Maribor

– Economics

– Architecture

– Civil Engineering

– Tourism



  1. University of Primorska (UP)

Founded in the city of Koper in the year 2003, the University of Primorska is one of the top universities in Slovenia for international students.

Some Courses Offered in University of Primorska:

– Health Sciences

– Tourism

– Mathematics

– Management

– Humanities

  1. University of Nova Gorica (UNG)

If you wish to be in one of the  cheapest universities in Slovenia, The University of Nova Gorica is the university to study. The University of Nova Gorica is a research oriented university.


Country rank: #4

  1. Alma Mater Europaea – European Center Maribor

The Alma Mater Europaea – Europan Center in the city of Maribor is a private university.

Cost of living in the city of Maribor: $473 – $859.


Language for Instruction in Slovenia Universities:

Some programs are available in Slovenia and Italian while others are offered in English.

Even though, some programs are offered in English, it would be good to learn the language most spoken in the country as it may help you go about daily activities in Slovenia, plus it would add beauty to your CV.

Summary: Slovenia is an ideal place to study aboard. This European country is safe. Tuition fee here is affordable.

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