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study in Luxembourg
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Today’s article is going to focus on study in Luxembourg, ranking of top universities, tuition fees, admission requirements etc. Right in the heart of Western Europe lies this beautiful country surrounded by land. Luxembourg is bordered by France to the south, to its east is Germany, and Belgium borders it to the west. Any visitor to Luxembourg would no doubt have several impressive moments because of its varying natural scenery, tasty dishes and wines, exciting cultural activities and cultural gems.

Despite being a relatively small country, there is an avalanche of modern tourist centers and relaxation points which would tempt a visitor to stay back in Luxembourg. Indeed, the country can be referred to as the meeting point for diverse cultures. In recent times, the country is known for its finance, as the friendly tax regime being operated in the country has placed it second among the richest countries, based on the GDP per capita.

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Luxembourg is not known only for its finance, many institutions in Europe have their Headquarters located right there. With three official languages, and English Language being taught as part of its compulsory education, visitors and residents of the country have no problem communicating and relating with one another. In fact, English Language and Portuguese are widely and freely used by a large percentage of the population.

In all, Luxembourg is an excellent place to be with its good network of roads, friendly and welcoming people, delicious variety of foods, and relatively affordable living standard.

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Why Choose to Study in Luxembourg?

Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well, you know! This is also true of getting quality education.

So if you desire to get value for the money you would spend on your education and it is your desire to get the best formal education in a stable and serene environment, then, think Luxembourg.

Luxembourg should be topmost in your consideration for a place of study because of the following reasons:

  • You will be centrally placed in the mainland from where you can link up with other major towns and cities such as Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels.
  • The Country’s educational system is trilingual (French, German and Luxembourgish) especially for those who begin at the primary level.
  • There are quite a number of multilingual international Universities whose focus is on churning out quality researches.
  • Various foreign universities also have their campuses in Luxembourg.

Ranking of Some Universities in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is home to a number of high standard universities. Some of them are Universite Du Luxembourg, Luxembourg division of Sacred Heart University, Institut Universitaire International Luxembourg and Luxembourg School of business.

According to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, the University of Luxembourg which was established in 2003 and offers its programmes in two languages including English language is ranked 178 in the 2020 world ranking of universities and 11th according to the Times Higher Young University Rankings 2020.

Law and Economics, Arts and Humanities as well as Sciences and Technology are the three faculties which the University of Luxembourg has. Its academic programme runs between October and July.

Similarly, Luxembourg division of Sacred Heart University ranks 14144 according to webometrics ranking while Institut Universitaire International Luxembourg ranks 15736.

study in Luxembourg

How to Apply

In applying for studies at Luxembourg Universities, prospective applicants whether for undergraduate, postgraduate studies would find the steps below useful:

  • Access the central online admission portal.
  • Look for a course which is best suitable for you.
  • Register and submit your application online.
  • After due consideration by the admission committee, you will be informed if your admission request was granted or not.
  • For those applying for an undergraduate course of study, your previous secondary school results will be calculated to give you points which will determine your admission eligibility.

General Requirements needed to Study in Luxembourg

Undergraduate Studies

Usually, for you to be admitted into an undergraduate course of study in Luxembourg you should:

  • Have completed Secondary school education and hold a valid certificate to that effect.
  • Have finished upper secondary studies in any of the countries that are signatory to Lisbon Convention.
  • Be qualified for undergraduate studies in your country according to your result.
  • Present proof of proficiency in French Language English, German or Luxembourgish depending on the program you applied for.

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Postgraduate Master’s Program

To be qualified for a master’s degree programme in Luxembourg, you would be expected to:

  • Have a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant course.
  • Present an official transcript that shows all the courses you took at undergraduate level and grades obtained.
  • Present evidence that your undergraduate degree programme was in English language where applicable.

Postgraduate PhD Studies

To be qualified for a doctoral degree program in Luxembourg, in addition to the above, you would be expected to have a Master’s degree programme.

Information for International Students

If you are foreign student and you wish to study in Luxembourg, study opportunities are open to international students; however you need to note the following:
Luxemborg’s Ministry of Education (Ministère de l’Education nationale) would need to approve your secondary school leaving certificate.
If you are a Non-European, you would need a visa to live in Luxembourg during the time of your studies.
You will be required to understand and communicate in French and German fluently.
Whatever degree certificate you obtain in Luxembourg is tenable in other countries of the world.
International Students who are studying in Luxembourg are permitted to take up Part-time jobs.
study in Luxembourg

Application Deadlines for Study in Luxembourg

Generally, two main application periods exist in Luxembourg for summer semester (February to June) and winter Semester (September to January).

To commence studies in the summer semester, applications are open between January and February, while applications are open between July and September for studies in the winter semester.

Also note that applications are open for postgraduate masters program all through the year, should you be interested in studying in Luxembourg for the first time.


Luxembourg remains one of the choicest places to access quality education especially with the availability of different types of courses such as Agriculture, Forestry, Communication, Education and Engineering among others.

Study in Luxembourg

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