Keiser University Writing Studio

Hello and welcome to the Graduate Online Writing Studio! Our knowledgeable and helpful writers provide holistic consulting to help you improve your reading, writing critical thinking, and research abilities. In the Writing Studio, we teach students how to write in order to improve their learning. When you do this we will concentrate on topics such as outlining, brainstorming and writing with an emphasis on the learning outcomes of your assignment. In particular, we will teach you how to critically think in your writing, evaluate the sources, prove your learning, take into account your audience, use paraphrases, and more.

We want you to take an active part in the writing-to-learn method. We recommend that you come back each week to build your knowledge and self-evaluate when you use our resources. We encourage you to look through the wealth of learning resources on the site that we’ve created specifically for you. We’re looking at helping you achieve success in your professional and academic life.

Writing Studio FAQs

Do I send my work to be reviewed?

To request a writing consultation, attach your assignment and a completed Writing Consultation Request form to an email from your Keiser University email account and send it for assistance. The documents should be submitted in MS Word or PDF format.

What are the resources that the Writing Studio provides?

  • We provide writing assistance that concentrates on the bigger image to guide you to learn. Here’s an overview of the topics we concentrate on as we evaluate your writing.
    • Did you fulfill the requirements of your assignment?
    • Did you demonstrate the knowledge you gained to help to become a better professional in your discipline?
    • Does the flow of work have a beginning, middle, and end?
    • Are your paragraphs well-organized?
    • Does your paraphrasing show that you have a clear understanding of the information you’ve read?
    • Have you synthesized data from different sources on the same subject to improve the credibility of your conclusions?
    • Have you used reliable sources?
    • Are you thinking about the audience you write to?
    • Does your analysis give the most basic conclusions you’ve come to based on the reading of the texts?
    • Are your writing styles academic and formal?
    • Are your sentences clear?
    • Do the APA section headings give information about each section that you work in?
  • We won’t judge you. Our Writing Studio offers a safe place to experiment, make mistakes and become an experienced creator and thinker.
  • We share with you what we believe you’re doing very well and give suggestions to help you grow.
  • We work with you in order to improve your work, however, we do not make corrections to mistakes.
  • We address your writing-related issues and offer support.
  • We will be happy to follow up with you via email or telephone as needed to ensure you’re able to implement our suggestions in the way you think is the best way to apply them.
  • We invite you to put your time into the process to ensure your achievement.

What exactly does this Writing Studio not provide?

  • We don’t alter nor do we “fix” the work of others.
  • We don’t write about your work. We offer a complete critique in an additional document we will send to you.
  • We do not cover each weakness and strength that you encounter in the course of your job.
  • We don’t provide any harsh feedback, like fixing minor errors within your writing. We ask students to utilize an APA Manual and APA Manual and free software like Grammarly to address these issues.
  • We don’t repeat the same feedback over the course of an assignment.
  • We are unable to assist you with test questions, quizzes, or comp exams.
  • We don’t predict grades or discuss issues with professors.

Do you provide comments for me on my project?

No. Writing consultants give you constructive feedback on your writing in the form of a separate document referred to as the Writing Studio student portfolio. It is a live document that is stored in the Microsoft OneDrive folder. The Writing Studio, you, and your instructor are able to access the portfolio.

Each time you visit our Writing Studio, our team will give comments on your work in the portfolio you will be able to review it at any point. The portfolio will be in your possession during your time as an undergraduate at the University.

Our meetings will highlight opportunities to improve your performance and congratulate you for the achievements you have made. Your feedback from us will be encouraging and designed to help you achieve your professional and academic career.

Each time you visit our Writing Studio, we will examine the feedback we gave you on previous visits to make sure you are acquiring the best practices that we offer to you. In every new session in this portfolio, we will tackle previous problems, if required, and will seek out opportunities for learning that may arise. The portfolio allows us to track your progress, and we work with you to complete the loop on methods we use to learn with you.

How can I make an appointment to meet with a writer consultant to discuss my assignment when they’ve provided me with feedback on my work?

If you are unsure about the feedback you receive from writing consultation and would like to schedule calls with a writing expert following their review of your work. To make a phone call make sure you select the Microsoft Bookings calendar scheduler in your Writing Studio portfolio, locate the name of the writer on the calendar, and choose a time and date from their schedule that is compatible with your timetable.

What are my responsibilities as an aspiring student?

  • Make sure you prepare your piece of work to be reviewed by proofreading and revising your work before you send it off to us so that it arrives in perfect quality. This allows us to concentrate on areas in which you really need assistance.
  • Follow the submission process.
  • Get feedback from writing experts and make any improvements you feel are appropriate.
  • Implement suggestions into your work. We’ll check the progress you have made when you return So make sure that you go through the feedback and materials we provide and implement the suggestions. We will refer you to previous feedback we provided in the event that we discover that you’ve not applied it to your new assignment. This ensures that you’re making improvements.
  • Utilize the resource regularly to improve your skills.

How is time it will take to seek the advice of a writer consultant?

Return times can range from a few hours up to 4 days (96 hours) on our busiest days. The amount of time required will depend on the volume of requests for students that are in the queue before the moment you make your request as well as how long your application. We are unable to predict the time of return. We do our best to provide feedback as quickly as we can. After you have submitted your work we will send you an automatic email response that serves as a confirmation. Make sure you read it thoroughly to ensure that you meet the submission guidelines.

Does my instructor grant me a no-cost extension in the event that I submit my work at the Writing Studio before it is due?

We recommend that every professor give a free extension without penalty for students who send their request to us prior to the deadline for their assignments so that they have the opportunity to develop and improve as a scholar. We suggest that you check with your teacher for specifics regarding their policies.

How often can I access my Writing Studio?

You can make use of our Writing Studio as needed. We aren’t an editing service, however, we do expect that you take our feedback in the context of your current assignment as well as any other assignments prior to sending in a revised assignment or an entirely new assignment. This will allow us to check your knowledge transfer and concentrate on the new learning. Therefore, you can submit only one assignment at one time. Wait until you have received an assignment and then take the feedback we give to all documents that are life before making a new submission or submitting an entirely new assignment. We are aware that we will focus on your future growth as a writer of scholarly quality We expect you to be part of the process by analyzing your strengths and potential growth areas.

What is your plan to communicate with me about your portfolio’s performance?

If a writer consultant gives feedback on the Writing Studio portfolio, they will then share the portfolio with you and your instructor through The Writing Studio’s Microsoft OneDrive. It will be sent to you in an email, as a view-solely SharePoint file. Only those who receive this file are able to open it. It will open as a Word document after the user clicks “Open” at the end of the email. The most recent feedback from your consultation is in the top part of your resume. It is imperative that you use the Keiser University email account. It will be impossible to access your portfolio using any other account. Contact us at the Help Desk if you need assistance with accessing the file.

What is the reason my professor got access to my Writing Studio portfolio?

Your professor will be provided with only access to the Writing Studio portfolio so they can see the tips we offer you and then reinforce the lessons with you during classes. We the Writing Studio team collaborate with your teachers to improve the learning experience. Professors praise students who use their Writing Studio as it demonstrates their commitment to their studies.

I’m getting excellent marks. Do I need to use Writing Studio? Writing Studio?

Yes! The majority of students who utilize writing exercises in the Writing Studio are earning good grades. Because most rubrics are designed to assess courses, however, they don’t necessarily correspond to your writing skills. That is why an A+ in a class does not necessarily mean you’re an accomplished writer. All students are able to benefit from constructive feedback regarding their work. It can be very beneficial both in your professional and academic career.

When will the Writing Studio be available?

The Writing Studio is open 7 every day of the week. Writing experts work in a rotating fashion throughout the day and into the evening even on weekends.

Am I required to include all feedback received that I received from my Writing Studio?

No. You are able to apply feedback in the way you’d like, depending on the level of familiarity you have with your assignment, course, and instructor. Writing Studio consultants don’t possess the knowledge you have in your specific academic field We rely on students to take the final call on their assignments.

What happens if I have a query about the feedback from a writer consultant?

It is possible to schedule an appointment with Microsoft Bookings for a phone consultation. You will find the button to schedule an appointment within the auto-reply email you get when you submit your request, as well as within the portfolio of your Writing Studio portfolio. Do not make time for a consultation by phone until you have received your portfolio.

Are you able to go over the entire task?

It depends. If we find that you’re repeating errors We may end the review after a specific number of pages and ask users to incorporate our advice into your subsequent work. Since we don’t edit our work, it does not be logical to duplicate the same advice regarding the organization, paraphrasing or providing evidence of learning, and so on.

Do I get a good grade for my project if I utilize the Writing Studio

We cannot promise that you will receive a grade. Our aim is to provide you with relevant and relevant feedback to you improve your experience learning. Students who utilize our Writing Studio express satisfaction with the feedback we provide and use our service frequently.