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study in Ukraine

In today’s article we are going to talk about how to study in Ukraine. So, if you have been looking for information on how to study in Ukraine, you are at the right place.

Ukraine is an Eastern European country and its the 44th largest country in the world. Its capital city is Kiev or Kyiv. Ukraine also has wonderful places that are just great for sightseeing. The population of the country is fifty (50) million with a land mass of 603,700 square kilometers, having 24 regions bordering with Slovakia, Belarus, Moldova, Russia, Poland and Romania.

Ukraine is fourth country with the highest number of graduates in the whole of Europe. Their legal tender is the Hryvnia (₴) and their official or national language is known to be Ukrainian.

There are many good reasons why you should choose to study in Ukraine. One of these is because Ukrainian Universities offer courses and degrees that are globally recognized, one of such is their medical degrees which is recognized by different international organizations like WHO and UNESCO.

You don’t even need an entry test or any other exam but you may need their preparatory/foundation course, depending on your course of study. Tuition fee may be paid on arrival. English is used in teaching with emphasis on its practical aspects.

During the three months’ vacation, students could take up jobs in the UK and other E.U countries. International students also enjoy 30% – 50% discounts on travel fare.

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Admission for the September – November 2021/2022 academic year is already on-going and unlike before, some universities in Ukrainian now have two sessions of enrolment; the first enrolment exercise takes place between September 1st – November 30th, the application deadline for this enrolment session is October 30th or better still you could join the 2nd session, the enrolment window for this session opens till 1st of March although the deadline for submission of application is February 1st.

Note: There is no deadline to joining the preparatory classes, one can start ANYTIME. For more information on this, prospective students will have to visit their university of choice or write to them for further details/clarifications.

Getting admitted into a Ukrainian university has three (3) phases which are:

  1. Select a university and visit your chosen university’s website for further information.
  2. Fill out an admission form
  3. Invitation letter

Here is a breakdown:


  • Copies of academic documents which may need to be forwarded to the university or as required
  • Application Form
  • Data page of passport
  • Certificates like O’ level, A ‘level, Bachelor’s degree certificate, Master’s degree certificate and/others


  1. Invitation 200 USD
  2. Courier charges 200 USD
  3. Bank charges 25 USD

Totaling 425 USD

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  • Application Form
  • Traveling documents: Data/passport page
  • Evidence to show you have acquired an undergraduate education: Certificates or Diploma
  • Transcripts


  1. Invitation 300 USD
  2. Courier charges 100 USD
  3. Bank charges 25 USD

Totaling 425 USD


  • Application Form
  • Passport/data page
  • Evidence to show you have acquired an undergraduate and Masters degrees education: Certificates or Diploma
  • School transcripts for bachelor’s and master’s degrees


  1. Invitation 400 USD
  2. Courier charges 100 USD
  3. Bank charges 25USD Totaling 525 USD

Language requirements

English is used in disseminating information to students. As such, you don’t need to worry about language requirements unless you did not get your previous education in English. Depending on the course you want to study, a foundation or preparatory course may be undergone.


Study in Ukraine

For international students, there may be need to start their studies with the foundation year or preparatory faculty which basically entails a course in the Ukrainian or Russian language and others as may be required.

One cannot state precisely how much it will take to live in Ukraine though because of differences in students’ lifestyles but a student may be needing roughly about 1,200 USD to 1,500 USD per year to live comfortably. This is exclusive of your tuition fee. Below is an estimate to help students prepare better for living and studying in Ukraine:

  1. Accommodation: Students from outside of Ukraine usually live in hostels provided by their choice university but may decide to stay with Ukrainian families or better still, rent their own place. For those that would be interested in renting, here is a breakdown of the renting fee per month:
  • 1 bedroom apartment (within the city): 8,180.05 ₴
  • 1 bedroomapartment (outside of the city): 4,849.78 ₴
  • 3 bedroom apartment (within the city): 15,044.83 ₴
  • 3 bedroomapartment (outside of the city): 9,040.84 ₴
  1. Legal Tender: Ukrainian’s legal tender is the Hryvnia (₴) and 1 USD equals 26.41₴ or thereabouts. Foreign money can be changed in banks, kiosks or international airport as the currency rate does not differ from that of other places. Services are usually paid for using the Ukrainian money although you can also pay in dollar. You can also use credit cards in carrying out transactions anywhere.
  2. Communications: There’s Internet access for students as may be provided by some universities in Ukraine. There are also lots of Internet cafes asides the use of fast mail and other available means of communication.
  3. Medical Services: While most State Universities give free medical care, students can also go to state and private hospitals where medical care is given at a price but ambulance services are free.
  4. Transportation and Travels within and outside Ukraine: On arriving the international airport of Brispol, which is like 36 km from its capital Kiev, you can take a taxior a shuttle bus to wherever you are headed. Pick-up service is also available in the university. Students’ Travel Pass on Government Transports like Subway trains and electric busses is issued by universities and costs only 5 USD a month. There is a 40% off the normal price of tickets on trains and buses and other means of transportation for international students. International students are usually issued cards immediately after admission into the university. Students with International Student Cards are given 30% off normal air tickets price:
  • One-way Ticket: 4.00 ₴
  • Monthly Pass: 200.00 ₴
  • Taxi 1km: 5.00 ₴
  • Taxi (1hourWaiting): 60.00 ₴
  1. Electricity: students don’t pay for electricity in university hostels but for those renting, below is a monthly utility price:
  • Basic electricity, heating, water, garbage for 85m2 apartment: 2,126.67 ₴
  • 1 minute of prepaid mobile tariff: 0.81 ₴
  • Internet (10 Mbps, unlimited data, cable): 88.36 ₴
  1. Food: Food is cheap because Ukraine is an agricultural country with different traditions of cooking. It can be bought at food stores or at the local markets at low prices. For instance, a student can use just 1.5 USD to purchase 4 Kg of potatoes, 4 kg of onions or 3 liter of milk. For different delicacies, there are Pakistani and Indian restaurants or cafeterias. Below is a further breakdown:
  • Meal: 100.00 ₴
  • Soft drink (0.33 litre): 10.48 ₴
  • Water (0.33 litre): 7.65 ₴
  • Milk (1 liter): 16.48 ₴
  • Loaf Bread (500g): 8.47 ₴
  • White rice (1kg): 24.60 ₴
  • Eggs (12): 24.75 ₴
  • Chicken Breasts (1kg): 66.40 ₴
  • Beef (1kg): 93.17 ₴
  • Tomato (1kg): 29.56 ₴
  • Onion (1kg): 7.43 ₴
  • Apples (1kg): 15.38 ₴
  1. Stationaries: like pen, pencils and other products come at very low costs
  2. Books: mostly provided by University Library.
  3. Clothing: jeans, shirts from 10 – 20 USD
  4. Sports and Leisure:
  • Fitness Club, Monthly Fee for 1 Adult 383.98 ₴
  • Tennis Court Rent (1 Hour on Weekend) 186.49 ₴
  • Cinema, International Release, 1 Seat 80.00 ₴

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There about a hundred and twenty or more Ukrainian universities to choose from. You may browse through: a list of these universities and for further information.

Hope you enjoyed reading our article on how to study in Ukraine, if you need more information about studying in Ukraine, kindly drop your comments below.

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