Full List Of Universities In Belgium

Universities in Belgium
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Universities in Belgium

In today’s article, we are going to consider universities in Belgium, ranking, program and tuition fees. If you have decided to study in Belgium, you have made a great decision. Belgium is another beautiful country in Europe. Belgium is recognized for a large number of things, from its popular chocolates to its world class education system. Belgium is provides a multicultural environment for international students. This makes Belgium universities of great benefits to international students who want to learn and explore.

But there are more benefits of studying in Belgium. In this article, we have complied 3 benefits of studying in Belgium and subsequently, we would consider lists and brief reviews of universities in Belgium. Let’s go.

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  1. Belgium universities has a wide range options of courses to choose from.
  2. Low Cost Accommodations in Belgium. If you have decided to study in Belgium, accommodation should be least of your worries. Accommodations close to your university, though, is more affordable than others.


  1. You feel protected while Studying in Belgium

Universities in Belgium are safe for international students. Even more, the universities in Belgium ensure that students are healthy. They offer health care and social services.

  1. People in Belgium are quite free- flowing in English

The people in Belgium can speak English quite fluently. This make the transition into the new environment easier for international students, especially for international students who speak English as their first or second language.

  1. International Students can Work while Studying in Belgium

As with few other European countries, international students, who are in an accredited university in Belgium, can work while studying in Belgium. International students are allowed to work for up to 20 hours a week only on the condition that it should not interfere with their schooling.

Here are some 20 universities in Belgium.


  1. University of Namur
  2. Hasselt University
  3. Boston University, Brussels
  4. Erasmus School of Business
  5. University of Antwrep Management School
  6. United Business Institutes of Brussels
  7. Free University of Brussels
  8. Ghent University
  9. Catholic University of Leuven
  10. University of Mons
  11. Vives University College
  12. Thomas More University College
  13. Karel De Grote University College, Antwrep
  14. University Saint – Louis, Brussels
  15. Royal Military Academy of Brussels
  16. Antwrep Maritime Academy
  17. Vlerick Business Schools
  18. University of Liege
  19. Hogeschool Gent
  20. Artevelde University of Applied Sciences


  1. University of Namur

 The University of Namur was established in 1849. The university is a private university situated in the city of Namur. University of Namur has been ranked among the top universities in the world.

 Courses Offered in The University of Namur:

– Economics

– Political Science

– Medicine

– Business Administration

– Computer Science

Rankings :

#8 best university in Belgium.

#1408 best university in the world.

Tuition fee in the University of Namur is EUR 830.

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  1. University of Hasselt

Hasselt University was founded in the year 1941. Although young, the university has impressive rankings.

University of Hasselt Rankings:

#465 in Global World Ranking (2021)

#65 in Times Higher Education.


  1. Boston University, Brussels

Boston University is situated in the capital of Belgium, Brussels. The university was founded in 1839, and since then, it has been internationally recognized as a renowned private university for research programs.

Courses offered in Boston University, Brussels, include:


– Economics

– Psychology

– Journalism

– Mechanical Engineering

– Neuroscience

– Physiology, and

– Computer Science.


  1. Erasmus School of Business, Brussels.

The Erasmus School of Business, Brussels is one of the most prestigious universities in Belgium. Regardless of the fact that the university is the youngest in Belgium, Erasmus School of Business, Brussels ranks high in the country.

Country rank: #20.


  1. Ghent University

Next, Ghent University is a public research university in the city of Ghent , Belgium. The university is known for its scientific research programs. It was established in 1817.


  1. Katholieke University Leuven

Finally, Katholieke University Leuven, is  an independent research university located in the city of Leuven, Belgium. It has been ranked among the top 100 universities in the world.


Tuition : About EUR 900



As mentioned earlier, Belgium is a multilingual country. Its primary languages however are, French, Dutch and German. Yet, English is used for teaching selected courses in Belgium universities.


The cost of living in Belgium is also quite low. Cost of living in Belgium is around  EUR 700 – EUR 900 monthly.

Please note the the cost of living may vary from one city to another in Belgium.

In sum, studying in Belgium is a great opportunity to learn and explore in a multicultural environment. Belgium universities are among the world’s top universities and most of them like the University of Namur and Katholieke University Leuven are low tuition.

Hope you enjoyed reading our article on Universities in Belgium: Ranking & Programs. If you want to study in Belgium, contact the universities listed above and start your admission application.

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