European University Of Lefke, Cyprus

European University of Lefke
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European University of Lefke

The European University of Lefke(EUL) located in Cyprus is a State Foundation University founded by the Cyprus Science Foundation in the year 1989 and started full operation by 1990. It’s an academic institution of higher learning which belongs to the popular Turkey Higher Education Council, which is known for all sections’ equality right from the first year of it’s establishment. EUL opened as a partner in the Balkan Universities Network and offers about 77 schools and undergraduate programs and 38 doctoral and postgraduate degree programs respectively.

European University of Lefke is situated in the  city of Lefke which is one of the most beautiful and natural places in Cyprus. The city is filled with calm, peaceful, and student-loving people. The university is built on a hill which gives an excellent look at the Mediterranean. EUL Campus is only forty-five minutes drive from the Nicosia which is the capital of Cyprus, eighty minutes from Famagusta, and about sixty minutes from Kyrenia and Ercan Airport. The University is popularly known as the western education touch of Northern Cyprus as a result of its tremendous advancement in technology and infrastructural.

EUL aims is to play a major role in developing researchers and creative students who boast of  high level knowledge in the areas of communication, health, education, art and who individuals who also possess groundbreaking skills and technology needed for success in this modern age. Their devotion to the objective is shown in their expertise, successful, and distinguished academic staff.

Apart from this, EUL also plays an important role in the success of students by maximizing their full potential and acquiring the proficiency to work professionally in the society. The university’s graduates all set massive standards with their personal  and professional achievements in real life, and they also do this in many countries of the world. Also, it is popularly known that  most graduates of this University receive a wide range of employment offers in their local countries and the whole worldwide.

EUL Ranking

According to National rankings, the European University of Lefke  has been ranked 2nd  according to Undergraduate placement results. This result further proves EUL as being one of the most preferred universities for students in the Cyprus. Apart from the National rankings, in other popular national rankings, EUL is positioned between the 6th and 9th best universities in Northern Cyprus.

Also, in International rankings, popular ranking sources have put EUL in the number 4352 position in the world.


Campus life

On-Campus Accommodation

European University of Lefke boasts of modern and convenient, smooth,  housing for students who choose to stay on Campus. These beautiful accommodations have a one, two, and three persons living in one room. The rooms are very very comfortable, and the campus setting is very restful and serene. The University see to it that students get the best academic experience all the times, and this includes making provision for a world-class housing facilities that give the best shelter.


EUL recognizes and appreciates the influence of recreational and social activities and their significance in healthy student education. The University boost of an accessible and contemporary facilities which students are allowed to use  for up to six days a week.

EUL has wonderful and excellent sports facilities with an open, large gymnasium, squash court, indoor basketball court,  a table-tennis table etc. These equipments are well-protected and made comfortable for students looking to steer away from academic pressure and stress and have a decent fun time with their friends and colleagues.

Apart from all these, the University also has many sporting teams and clubs where students feel highly encouraged to join. Some of these teams are soccer, basketball, volleyball, environmental club, tennis,  dance club, international students club, art club and many others. Students also have easy access to chilling and social sporting spots in and around the city if, for any reason, they desire a different experience from what the school offers.


EUL has many cafeterias, restaurants, canteens on the Campus where students can get many decent foods and other fascinating meals. The university canteen gives meals for three times a day. The meals they provide include but are not limited to meat, dairy, pasta, pizza, potatoes, rice, and vegetarian dishes etc.

Talking about payment for these meals, students are provided with different options at their disposal—for example, they can pay for all dishes annually or  per meal.

The meals provided in the dinning are prepared by professionally skilled, hygienic, and accommodating kitchen staff. Also, the canteen is spacious, well-ventilated, and always clean; thus one can eat happily in a facilitative environment.

It will interest you to know that for lunch and supper, students are offered desserts, making these meal periods usually their best. And in addition to the canteen, within the Campus, there are many restaurants that students can get different dishes and also many close-by supermarkets to satisfy each person when food and drinks are needed.

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European University of Lefke’s students and staff members can board buses at no charge to move around the city and close towns. The bus tour areas include, Guzelyurt, Doganci, Yedidalga, and Lefke residential areas. Apart from this, EUL features free weekend buses transporting students that want to go to Lefkosa, which is the capital city. The University bus moves through many multiple routes and is durable and prompt in all appointed bus stops to covey many students.

Bus services start from 7:00 am, while the last bus will leave the campus terminal at around 11:00 pm. The buses are well-spaced, new, and even features Wi-Fi keeping you connected to loved ones on the ride.

New students in the University are provided with transportation support from the airport and seaports to make students feel at home right from the moment they step onto the gorgeous island of Northern Cyprus.

European University of Lefke


Life in the City

North Cyprus is a wonderful place of magic, peace, and serenity. It’s usually known as the “pearl of the Mediterranean” maybe due to its exceptional beauty and lovely atmosphere.  The city of Lefke is the greenest corner of the country, and it’s famous for a lot of cultural values and practices. The University is located right between the sea and the mountains, giving onlookers beautiful views from every angle.

Generally speaking,  the city of Lefke is full of peace, and it’s the perfect atmosphere for students to achieve qualitative learning. There are also fun places in the city that students will find exciting and swing to when they want to let go of some academic stress and have fun. Lefke is so full of nature, and students will learn a lot about plants, cultures, animals etc.


Admission Requirements

Undergraduate & Associate programs

If you are applying for associate and undergraduate programs, know that the European University of Lefke administration’s entry requirements is very straightforward. You will be expected to provide the following admission documents:

  • A  correctly filled-out EUL Undergraduate and Associate Application Form
  • A copy of an international passport
  • An ID Card photocopy
  • High school or secondary school graduation certificate or its equivalent.
  • Official University Transcript (For Transfer students)
  • Copies of all qualifications in English
  • English Language Certification (Students who are unable to provide this will take an English proficiency exam on arriving at the school)

Furthermore, the school needs undergraduate applicants to score 65 or more in the TOEFL exam, 5.5 or more in the IELTS, and Grade C or higher in IGCSE or GCE examinations.

Masters’ Program

If you are applying for a Masters’ Program the university requires that you make available some documents. We advise that you present the documents in an organized manner that will leave a positive impression on the authorities of your qualities as a person. The following documents are usually required:

  • A filled-out Postgraduate Online Application Form
  • A copy of international passport photocopy
  • An ID Card photocopy (optional)
  • A course description of all courses taken in your Bachelor’s degree, your degree diploma accompanied with transcripts.
  • Copies of all qualifications in the English language
  • English Language Certification (Those who cannot provide this will take an English proficiency exam on arriving at the school)
  • Curriculum Vitae

Furthermore, the school needs all postgraduate applicants to score 72 or more in the TOEFL exam, 6.0 or more in the IELTS, and Grade B or higher in IGCSE or GCE exams.

Ph.D. Program

For PH.D. Applicants, the University requires the submission of the these documents:

  • A properly filled-out online Postgraduate Application Form
  • A copy of international passport
  • An ID Card photocopy (optional)
  • A course description of all courses taken in your Bachelor’s degree, your degree diploma accompanied with transcripts.
  • A course description of all courses that you took in your Masters’s degree, your degree diploma accompanied with transcripts.
  • Copies of all qualifications in the English language
  • English Language Certification (Those who cannot provide this will take an English proficiency exam on arriving at the school)
  • Curriculum Vitae

Furthermore, the school requires postgraduate applicants to score 72 or more in the TOEFL exam, 6.0 or more in the IELTS, and Grade B or higher in IGCSE or GCE exams.


Application Deadline

When you are applying to the European University of Lefke for admission, note that there are usually 2 intakes; you could either present your documents to be admitted in Spring(March) or Fall(March). If you decide to choose March, which is the spring term of the academic year, you are required to present your complete details between December and February of that specific academic year. Any applicant who fails to submit within the deadline will be transferred to the coming year’s fall intake.

On the other hand, if you choose to apply for September, the fall term of the academic year, you are required to present your complete details between March and August of the forthcoming academic year. Any applicant who fails to submit within the stated deadline will be transferred to the Spring intake of that year.


Tuition Fees

EUL is widely respected for its modest tuition fees offered to students, especially international students, compared to other European Universities. Given the school’s exceptional quality of education, one would expect high tuition fees; however, that’s not the case with EUL. It’s a non-profit university that stays true to its values across all areas, and the affordable fees charged do not reduce the quality of learning in any way.

Besides, students from different backgrounds will find the fees highly reasonable and consider it a bargain given the monster fees charged by similar European Universities. EUL offers new students an all-inclusive package that includes payment for registration fees, tuition fees, ID card certification, health insurance, and many related provisions such as on-campus wireless internet services and free bus services. This package means a one-time payment covers all the fees listed above and more.

The University’s fee structure is as follows:

  • Undergraduate Program for each academic year – approx. $2800
  • Masters’ Program for each academic year – approx. $4200
  • D. programs for its entire duration – approx. $8160


Cost of Living

The average cost of accommodation in the University area is between €100 and €250 monthly, while the average spending on food is €60 on food. Transportation services are free on Campus, and the average students’ general cost sits at €40 per month.



50% Discount on Tuition Fees

Being a non-profit university, one would expect EUL to provide a wide range of scholarships for students, and fortunately, they do not disappoint. The school is famous for its scholarships due to the level of motivation they give students to perform better. For the 2020/2021 session, the school has decided to grant international first-year students a 50% off their tuition fees. Students can apply to the school’s international office for the requirements and availability of the scholarship.

Siblings’ Discount

European University of Lefke also gives out sibling discounts for students whose sisters or brothers are already attending the University. In adherence to the school’s regulations, these students will receive a 25% discount on their tuition fees as they are in school together. The University’s aim with this award is to lessen the financial burden borne by families who have at least two or more of their children studying at the university.

However, the siblings’ discount is given to students enrolled in the undergraduate programs and not for students enrolled in the postgraduates program. This means both siblings must be offering undergraduate courses before they can be granted the scholarship.

Academic Performance Scholarship

Undergraduate degree and Associate students that have participated in at least two semesters at the University and  achieve  a term score of GPA of 3.50 and a CGPA of 3.00 and above will all  receive a scholarship depending on how successful they are. The scholarships will be given in the following academic semester while adhering to the school’s scholarship regulations guidelines.

Sports and Culture scholarships

Apart from academic scholarships, the university also offers culture and sports scholarships granted to students that show outstanding performances in the sports or culture groups. The achievements of these sports and culture teams nationally and internationally are also recognized depending on how well these students perform.

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As you can see, the European University of Lefke is a school for international students, and its culture, aims, and values create a proper and conducive atmosphere for students to achieve qualitative learning. EUL has experienced a significant increase in students’ admission, which is a proof of their commitment to providing admissions to students who deserve it. If you have decided to apply for admission, with a little extra effort and certified documents, you are sure to land in one of the most peaceful and beautiful places to learn on earth.

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