Cairo University Faculty of Engineering

Cairo University faculty of Engineering
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Cairo University faculty of Engineering

Cairo University is known as one of the best public university in Egypt. It’s situated in Giza city, Egypt and it’s known for its educational and motivational impact on the Arab society. The university produces intelligent and brilliant students every year to contribute their quota to the Arab society and the world as a whole. The Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University is a faculty in the university that aims at teaching students the knowledge of engineering.

The Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University is located at the headquarters dept of the college, Giza, Egypt, Postal code 12316. It was formerly called School of Alengkhana before it was changed to Faculty of Engineering. In 1902, a school established for the combination of architecture and irrigation moved into the old school of Agriculture, Giza, after some time, moved to the then Royal School of Engineering. Then, it became the Faculty of Engineering’s building today.

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The mission of The Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty Of Engineering, Cairo University, focuses on achieving excellence for graduate students by maintaining high academic, behavior and professional standards. The college aims to improve students’ moral obligations, equipping them with analytical and innovative minds with the practical side of engineering.

The vision of The Faculty of Engineering.

The Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, aims to discover opportunities that’ll help students from different parts of the Egyptian society and Arab countries understand engineering, and science at the standard rate to contribute to the professional level of engineering and technical applications in Egypt.

Goals of The Faculty Of Engineering, Cairo University

1) The production of students whose passion is to understand engineering and its applications.

2) Contribution to the future’s planning and strategies for successful development in the country.

3) Planning different educational programs and performance retrospection around the Faculty and the college as a whole.

The Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University has the following departments.

  • Department of Mathematics and Physics
  • Department of Structural Engineering
  • Department of Public Works
  • Department of Mechanical Design and Production
  • Department of Electronics and Communications Department
  • Department of Chemical Engineering
  • Department of Biomedical Engineering and Systems
  • Department of Architecture
  • Department of Irrigation and Hydraulics
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Department of Aerospace Engineering
  • Department of Electrical Power and Machines
  • Department of Mining, Petroleum and Metallurgy
  • Department of Computer Engineering

Now, before anyone can get admitted into the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, he/she must meet up with the following requirements.

Requirements for the undergraduate program in Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University

1) Candidates must submit a document containing their past achievements and the outcome of the tests.

2) Candidates must have all the university’s requirements.

3) Candidates can take up any of the university’s competitive program that cost <$1000 per year.

4) Candidates will have to spend up to $1000/year to participate in the master’s degree program.

5)Students can still take part in scholarship schemes even though the university’s fees are cheap.

6) The university has an online programme that is established to aid the regular programs.


Requirements for a postgraduate program in Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University

Egyptians’ documents requirements

  • Temporary Master’s Degree (for PhD applicants).
  • Four-year report certificate of bachelor’s ranking
  • Birth certificate
  • National ID Card
  • Six personal photographs.
  • The temporary certificate with bachelor’s grade.
  • Supervisor’s approval.
  • Students that are civil servants should make sure their works are approved fast.
  • Military rank credential either postponed/ total exemption/ brief exemption
  • The sanction for students conscripted by the Armed Forces.
  • Recognition of the Officer Relations Departments(if the student is a police officer or military officer)

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International documents requirements

  • New academic degree’s certificate from the Supreme Council of Universities of Egypt.
  • Letter of the candidate from the student’s union to the Dean of the desired Faculty, bearing the embassy’s cultured adviser’s signature.
  • Student’s passport (one-year validation)
  • A certificate that shows student doesn’t have Aids either on entry or enrollment.
  • Achievement Award (for Medicine’s students), valid for a year.
  • 3 data formats filled for the desired school
  • Three knowledge forms filled for the desired Faculty.
  • Private pictures(four)
  • List of files
  • Bachelor’s grades(four- year)


The Master of Engineering or Professional Master(PM) program in the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University

The Master of Engineering or PM program in the Faculty is in Electronics & Telecommunications. The program is a non-thesis plus innovative program that’s conducted in cooperation with the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Professional Master’s Program

1) What time do the Master of Engineering/ Professional masters lectures hold?

The lectures hold mostly on Saturday mornings and afternoons and in weekdays, after 5:00 pm.

2) The professional master’s degree will run for how many years?

The minimum it can take a candidate to finish the professional master degree in Electronics and Telecommunications is three years.

3) How does Professional Masters differ from Master of Science?

Professional Masters program is a non-thesis program that enables students to forgo thesis and partake in a graduate project that carries 6-credit hours.

4) When did the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, start this program?

The Faculty started the Master of Engineering program in September 2014.

5) Does Cairo University recognise and accredit the PM program?

Though the PM program started in 2014, CU’s accreditation is still in the works. So, Cairo University will recognize the program with time.



The Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University is ranked 236 worldwide in 2019 but is never ranked 176 from all the universities worldwide meaning the Faculty has improved in the past year. The jump from number 236 to 176 in just a matter of months is a great faculty record.

Tuition & Fees

  • Undergraduate Program

International students; $4000-$6000

Domestic students; $2000

  • Postgraduate program

Domestic; $2000

International students; $6,000-$8,000


The fees can vary from the ones given above.

The Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, has about 14,000 undergraduate members with its M.Sc and PhD awards nearing 240 and growing day-by-day. The faculty members are almost 1000. The Faculty is ruled by both the Dean and three Vice Deans of the Research affairs & Environment, Academic & Student Affairs, and Environment & Society affairs. The faculty members are almost 1000 with the hope of increasing soon.

Some of the buildings found in the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University include;

  • Electrical Department
  • Library
  • Mechanical Department
  • Laboratory temperature
  • Faculty Club
  • Workshops College
  • Public park
  • Department of Irrigation and Hydraulics
  • Department of Mining, Petroleum and Metallurgy
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Reinforced Concrete Building
  • Building Foundations
  • Aviation Section


Cairo University is Egypt’s first public university and it’s popularly known for its ability to produce intelligent and capable students. The university has many faculties and the Faculty of Engineering is one of them. The Faculty is focused on producing students versed in the knowledge of engineering and technical applications.

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