Affordable Medical Universities In Europe

Affordable medical universities in Europe
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affordable medical universities in Europe

Our article today will focus on the best affordable medical universities in Europe for international students. Medicine is one of the most important and recognized courses in the world due to its Complete involvement in human lives and health. However, the high cost of studying medicine have been a major buzzkill for medical students all over the world even as the medical criterion continues to soar higher. Medical Institution in Europe stands out as the best antidote to this financial illness.

Studying medicine in Europe comes with more benefits compared to studying medicine in other parts of the world. The main Feature of European medical schools is their cheap and affordable tuition. Europe undoubtedly has some of the biggest medical schools and offers high-rate Medical education and training. To make this process easy for you, below is a list of at least 10 affordable medical schools in Europe.

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Affordable medical universities in Europe


Sweden is presently running a free-university system for European students and newly inducted a fair tuition fee for foreign students outside the of the European Union. Additionally, Sweden’s Educational systems is one of the best in the world, so your medical certificate will be recognized and accepted anywhere in the world.

Some affordable SWEDEN medical institution:

Note: fees for apartment , schooling accessories and equipment still apply.


Germany’s  medical programs are free, this makes Germany’s medical institutions stand out as  affordable world class institute. With good understanding and fluency speaking German, you will be required to pass  series of introductory test  in linguistics  to reinforce your stead In medical practicing.

German medical undergraduate studies is of three consecutive phases; 2 years of preclinical engagement, 3 years of clinical engagement, and a practical year, total of 6 years. Some affordable German institution:



Medical institutional tuition fees in Russia is cheap and affordable for foreign students and it ranges between $3000 to $5000. The Russian federation permits foreign students to work and study in order to cover feeding, accommodations and reading accessories. Furthermore, each institutional course including medicine is taught in English. Some cheap Russian medical institution:-

  • SaintPetersburg State Pavlov Medical University.
  • Rostov state Medical academy.



Italy is one of the countries found in the Schengen region of Europe, and it pride itself in affordable tuition fees for medical courses which is much more affordable than that of UK or the USA. ITALY tuition isn’t cheap when compared to that of Sweden or Germany. The admission system isn’t as rigorous as other nations in the western part of Europe.

Some medical institution in Italy with recognizable medical degree:

  • ParmaUniversity
  • SienaUniversity
  • VeronaUniversity

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BELARUS medical institutes pride themselves with been updated in modern medical science and technology. Lecture are held by Qualified professors  with modern laboratory and World-class equipment. Medical lectures and training are taught in English.

BELARUS have  high-standard and technologically up to date universities that offer medical courses and training at a cheap and affordable price.BELARUS has highly-experienced medical practitionersand a structured national health system.Tuition fee ranges from $7290 to $8000.

  • Belarusian
  • Gomel



This landlocked country in central Europe is accumulating popularity when it comes to advance medicine. Majority of over 38,000 International students studying in Hungary right now are medical specialist ,doctors, nursesin training. Tuition Fee in Hungary is one of the most affordable in central Europewith range of $16,000 to $16,900 per annum.

Medical programs last for six years for doctors of medicine. Some Hungary institution:

  • University of DECREBEN
  • SZEGEDUniversity



ThisBalkan nation is rich in culture, traditionsandhistory. One great attributes of this beautiful nation is it recognition in high-standard medical institution. It medical programs is wildly accepted and very attractive to students in Europe and around the globe. Student are attracted to Bulgaria medical institution because of the high-standards of study coupled with a reasonable and affordable tuition fee.

Students are entitled to choose any language forstudying their medical programs plus the degree is well-recognized and accepted anywhere in the world. Medical programs is a 6 year course with a tuition range of $7500 to $8000 per annum .someinstitution :

  • PLEVENMedicalUniversity
  • SOFIAUniversity


Medical Institution in the polish states(Rzeczpospolita polska) are considerably cheap andaffordable. Fact saysevery year, Poland medical institution receive an influx of students from the USA, SaudiArabia and Scandinavian countries.

Students flock here to receive high-standard medical education at considerably lesser tuition fees compared to the high tuition fees in western Europe, North America.Polish university degrees are accepted andrecognized globally. If you are locked on Poland institutions, you should check out

  • PoznanUniversity of Medicalscience.
  • Gdansk University



Medical institutions in Ukraine are known to offer high-standard medical education witha low tuition fee and living cost, tuition fees lies around the range of $4,900 to $5,200. Thus, the reason students from around the globe throngat this institution.Lecture and practical are taught in English and French (optional). The medical degree in Ukrainian institution is highly recognized worldwide. Some Ukrainian institution include

  • Kharkov Medical University
  • Sumy



Belgium medical institution is often overlooked mostly due to misconception that lays around it’s tuition fees.But clearly, the fact about their tuition fees lies around some term and condition Like the type of university and it’s location and also depends on whether the student is an European  or a foreigner.

An European will pay the same tuition fees as a Belgian student while International students will be charge more depending on the medical course of study. The tuition fees ranges from 2,500 to 5000 euro per annum. Affordable Belgium university:

  • Ghent University
  • University of Namur



Choosing a medical courses to study is easy , getting admission is a quite tricky ,but providing the tuition fees for that medical programs can be pretty difficult for most students and their sponsors .That’s why we enlisted the best affordable medical Universities in Europe with tuition fees for you .so pick your desired institution from above and start operating on your dream course.

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